Founder, Director & CEO

Nikhil is a serial tech entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Web Werks, a global leader in data centres and cloud services. Web Werks Data Centers has been a leadrer in India for the past two decades. Acting as a business catalyst, Nikhil has mounted Web Werks on the global map, with six data centre locations in strategic cities with many marquee clients. Each of these large-scale data centres meet the market’s developing requirement for scalability, energy-efficient, highly interconnected, neutral facilities, so customers can have their critical infrastructure run non-stop. Web Werks partnered in 2021 with Iron Mountain Data Centers to enhance its presence throughout India and cater to a growing base of international customers.


Nikhil is also the founder of Neosoft Technologies, Next Star Venture Capital LLP, and the largest Internet Exchange (IX) in India, which later merged in the year 2017 to form DECIX in India. With over 22+ years of technology experience, he brings in a deep understanding of each industry and has a keen business sense. Nikhil holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, an MBA in Marketing from Nichols College (US), and is also a Graduate in Finance and Business.