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PRGX helps companies around the globe improve performance across all variables in the source-to-pay process. By bringing together fragmented and unstructured data across departments, PRGX can identify over 300 common points of profit leakage in opaque areas of a company’s supply chain. Once their data-driven approach reveals areas of improvement in a company’s supply chain, PRGX empowers companies to shift from reaction to risk mitigation. In recent years, they’ve helped clients in 30+ countries retrieve US$1bn in annual cash flow. PRGX helps spot value in source-to-pay data that even the most sophisticated solutions couldn’t get to before. ”We look at source-to-pay cycles for large companies to find potential points of profit leakage, whether it’s overpayments, missed discounts, or shipment shortages. We identify and recover lost profit and help the customer prevent similar mistakes in the future.”

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Andy Green

Vice President of Global Infrastructure Support and Operations

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