Accor pledges the elimination of single-use plastics

By William Girling
French multinational hospitality provider Accor has made a commitment to join the UN Global Tourism Plastics Initiative. The bold new move will aim to...

French multinational hospitality provider Accor has made a commitment to join the UN Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

The bold new move will aim to remove all traces of single-use plastic from a customer’s experience by 2022. Serving over 120mn guests per year, it is a significant step forward in the global push to reduce pollution and create a more circular economy. 

With an estimated 200mn single-use items used per year across its 4,800 hotels, Accor plans to implement the reduction gradually. According to an article by Hotel News Resource, the company plans to enact the following:

  • The removal of individual plastic toiletry amenities and cups by the end of 2020; 

  • The elimination of all remaining single-use plastic items in guestrooms, meeting areas, restaurants and all leisure activities areas (spas, fitness centers, etc.) by the end of 2022.

Taking responsibility

As sustainability practices in business become the norm and not just a novelty, Accor’s decision to make fundamental changes to the way it operates has come at the best possible time. A leader in its sector, the actions taken by the company are certain to be noticed.


"We are aware of the significant impact we have on our planet and our responsibility to create tangible benefits for our employees, guests, suppliers, partners and host communities," commented Sébastien Bazin, CEO and Chairman. "What guides us is the consciousness and social awareness that drives every person who strives to be a good citizen. It's about being aware, socially conscious and consistent."

“Our efforts do not stop here,” said Bazin. “We are an innovative group by nature and we continuously search for more areas where we can reduce our impact on the global environment while helping our local communities in their efforts to create a healthier, more sustainable future,”

Ligia Noronha, Division Director at the UN Environment Programme Economy, emphasised the scale of the plastic pollution problem as one of the great environmental challenges the world is facing. 

“Through the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, tourism companies and destinations are supported to innovate, eliminate, and circulate the way they use plastics, to advance circularity in our economies and reduce plastics pollution globally,” she said.


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