AllPlants and Simple Feast among best funded vegan companies

By John Pinching
Best funded vegan companies: British company AllPlants takes first place with more than one billion dollars of funding Denmark's Simple Feast in second

British plant-based products company AllPlants is Europe’s best funded vegan company of 2021, according to a new study.

The research – conducted by professional kitchen suppliers Maxima Kitchen Equipment – analysed the funding received by more than 100 European based companies which specialise in the production of vegan and plant-based food.

AllPlants, founded in 2016 and based in London, takes top spot on the list with €63,047,234 of funding, coming from 54 investors. The company specialises in plant-based substitutes for meat, dairy, and fish products.

The top five continues with two continental-based companies: Simple Feast, based in Denmark and founded in 2015 is second, with €51,754,871 from just nine investors; and Happy Planet Foods is third with funding totalling €47,268,210 from 18 investors since being founded in 2019 in Switzerland. 

In fourth comes Meatless Farm, founded in 2016 and based in the United Kingdom, with €32,739,572 in funding. Another British company based in London closes the top five, THIS, founded in 2018 and investments which amount to €25,027,289 from 18 investors.

Fund times

A total of 16 British companies feature in the top 30 of Europe’s best funded vegan companies. Worthy of mention among these there are Huel in sixth place, founded in 2014 and with €22,919,859 of funding from only one investor, and Neat Burger, in 17th place, founded in 2019 and recipient of €6,160,000 in funding.

A spokesperson from Maxima Kitchen Equipment commented, saying: “Plant-based is the future of nutrition, with more people switching to a vegan diet in order to preserve the planet and decrease their carbon footprint.

"Our study shows how much effort there is behind this pledge, with plenty of investors – 134 among our top five alone – confident that making sure plant-based alternatives are available for everyone, everywhere is a lucrative business strategy.”


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