Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Articles

Who is L’Oréal USA’s first CSO Marissa Pagnani McGowan?

Meet Marissa Pagnani McGowan, L’Oréal USA’s first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) furthering the cosmetic company’s sustainability transformation

Arçelik empowers women to improve D,E&I in manufacturing

Nihat Bayız, Chief Production & Technology Officer of Arçelik, comments on the WE-inTech programme, empowering D,E&I, including women in manufacturing

Deloitte data says sustainability is expensive for consumers

Emily Cromwell, Deloitte’s ESG lead for consumer industry, comments on new data that suggests sustainable products and services are expensive for consumers

Textile Exchange releases report on sustainable fashion

Liesl Truscott, Corporate Benchmarking Director, Textile Exchange, comments on MCI’s latest fashion sustainability report and demand for circular economy

Amcor details the next steps for packaging sustainability

David Clark, Vice President, Sustainability at Amcor, and speaker at Sustainability LIVE, explains why circular packaging is key for emissions reduction

Championing sustainability, TECH LIVE LONDON opens tomorrow

Join Sustainability Magazine and partners for a deep dive into how technology is being used to bring about positive change for people and the planet

Carlsberg share developments in sustainable beer brewing

VP Group Development, Stephan Munch comments on Carlsberg’s sustainability achievements in circular packaging roll out and sustainable barley sourcing

Alpha Bank releases report providing sustainability insight

The latest sustainability report from Alpha Bank shows its sustainability achievements and traceable actions with ESG data from the past few years