Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Articles

Talent Management: The key to unlocking employee potential

Sara Horder is Senior Partner of Investigo, part of ING Group, explains why talent management is pivotal to business – and procurement – in testing times


Gender diversity: The future is female

We’ll have to wait more than 100 years to see gender equity in the workplace, Kate Barker explains how the future of work will be more gender inclusive

Menopause support should be a top priority for businesses

As menopausal women are the largest demographic in the workforce, Haley White, Founder of Menospace, says businesses need to improve levels of support

Workforce engagement goes beyond the employment contract

With work-from-home and hybrid working being the major trends in the employment landscape. How can leaders navigate the struggle of employee engagement?


Do major corporations use mock DEI as window dressings?

Jackie Abramian shares opinions from two DEI experts, offering best practices and actions for consumers and corporations to ensure accountability


Embracing gender pronouns is key to achieving workplace DEI

Formula 1's Carys Conlon shares the crucial importance of respecting other’s pronouns in order to build harmonious work environments that prioritise DEI

NASA appoints new leaders to head its commitment to DEI

Promoting diversity, equity, inclusions, and accessibility, NASA appoints a new DEI lead and administrator to manage its commitment to the ‘S’ in ESG

Women in leadership found to be driven by sustainable goals

New research from APEC Women Leadership Forum and JD.com found women underestimate their understanding of sustainability, yet the prioritise ESG goals