CSE celebrates 15 years of trust from Fortune 500

By John Pinching
CSE's Sustainability Practitioner Program celebrates 15 Years of Trust from Fortune 500 and government leaders

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is proudly celebrating 15 years of trust from FT 500 corporations and global organisations in providing specialised Sustainability and ESG Education in North America, Europe, MENA and ASIA.

The Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program has become the first choice for Sustainability and ESG Professionals around the globe, as proven by more than 7000 certified practitioners in 75 countries. With climate change risk and ESG becoming a top priority – for both the investor community and company decision makers – this program is designed and delivered by experienced global lead trainers.

It provides CEOs and C-level executives with the latest practical tools and resources to implement or upscale corporate sustainability initiatives and make sustainability a driver for organisational change, risk management, innovation and success.

Through case study presentations, enlightening discussions and workshops, the training program makes a pledge to help senior executives prepare for their role in a low-carbon future.

Leaders learn how to address pressing issues, such as:

  • Understanding the new regulatory landscape in the US and evolving disclosure frameworks taking place with regard to climate risk and low carbon economies
  • Facing diverse investor concerns and motivations
  • Integrating ESG criteria into strategic goals and company reporting
  • Tackling important social issues following the pandemic COVID-19 and
  • Gaining insight into global best practices for more impactful goal setting for sustainability

Meanwhile, sustainability leaders from Coca Cola, Pfizer, the Hartford, PepsiCo, PWC, NRG and government organisations such US Forest Service and Federal Reserve Bank of New York have also joined CSE’s certified digital program.

The 2021-2022 Program’s agenda is regularly updated to meet high participant expectations and tackle trending issues around sustainability, ESG and the circular economy. Furthermore, it includes the unique findings of CSE's annual research into ESG standards and sustainability reporting in North America.


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