Deloitte survey results 'Women @ Work: A global outlook'

By Helen Adams
In the Deloitte survey, over half of women surveyed have experienced harassment or non-inclusive behavior at work in the past year

Global auditor Deloitte has compiled the results from a survey, Women @ Work: A global outlook.

The company surveyed 5,000 working women from 10 countries, to hear about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of gender equality in their workplace. 

Data from the survey also enabled analysis through the intersectional lenses:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity

The results showed that 51% of women are less optimistic about their career prospects than before the pandemic, amoung other dismal statistics.

Deloitte has called on employers to do more to support women and create more ‘high-trust, inclusive cultures’ once things return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Deloitte survey highlights need for improvement 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating and disproportionate impact on women’s lives and careers. Many employers have policies and procedures for reporting bias and discrimination, but few employers have cultivated cultures of trust where women feel comfortable voicing concerns without fearing negative career impacts. 

  • Women indicated that they have been more stressed and discouraged since the pandemic began, as they take on an increasing amount of responsibility at home and in their careers. 
  • From disparaging remarks about their gender to their judgment being questioned, women continue to face a broad spectrum of non-inclusive behaviours at work.
  • Women of color are more likely to experience comments about their communication style.
  • LGBT+ women were almost four times more likely than other women to experience jokes of a sexual nature. 
  • Women who have experienced non-inclusive behaviours are even more likely to consider leaving their employers and the workforce altogether in this time of high stress and uncertainty.


The Deloitte survey reports some positive developments

There was however, some supportive evidence in the survey of inclusive cultures rising.

  • Most women are discouraged by their employers’ commitment to gender equality. However, approximately 4% of women from our survey indicate that their organisations have built inclusive, flexible, and high-trust cultures that support women. 
  • This group of organisations, the “gender equality leaders” have created environments where women feel confident reporting non-inclusive behaviors, feel supported by employers in balancing work and home commitments, and believe that their careers are progressing as fast as they would like. The benefits of an inclusive culture are clear and inspiring. 
  • Women who work at “leader” organisations report higher levels of productivity, mental wellbeing, and job satisfaction than women at “lagging” organisations.


Women at Deloitte are prepared for any future disruptions

“Our survey respondents are clear about what needs to be done to reverse the pandemic’s disproportionate effects on working women”, said Michele Parmelee, Deloitte Global Deputy CEO and Chief People & Purpose Officer. “As organisations look to rebuild their workplaces, those that prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion in their policies and culture and provide tangible support for the women in their workforces will be more resilient against future disruptions. Additionally, they will lay the groundwork needed to propel women and gender equity forward in the workplace.”





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