Ethisphere publishes 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies

By Marcus Lawrence
Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are being held to account for their impacts upon local communities, their staff and the environment. Ethisp...

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are being held to account for their impacts upon local communities, their staff and the environment.

Ethisphere is the world’s leading institute for defining and developing standards of business ethics that promote corporate identities whilst bolstering market trust and the bottom line, leveraging data-driven insights to identity and advance key metrics on the agenda.

Having published its 2020 World’s Most Ethical companies list, Ethisphere has produced the most up-to-date collection of major organisations holding the torch for business ethics and setting the bar for other firms to aspire to.

The full list, available here, contains 132 business ethics leaders from 21 countries, including the likes of arm, Nokia, Microsoft, L’oréal, Kaiser Permanente, H&M, Dell, Allianz, and IBM.


IBM recently conducted its own study into the importance of ethics to consumers with Morning Consult, the findings of which included the fact that 80% of survey respondents said corporations must be held responsible for prioritising workforce, environment and social good as much as delivering profits.

Highlighting the historic mandate for such behaviours, IBM said in a statement published soon after Ethisphere’s list: “That’s why for more than a century, IBM has sought to earn and keep the trust of our clients, partners, employees, and people in the many thousands of communities where we live and work.  

“Our holistic approach considers the impact of IBM’s products and operations on the environment, the sustainability of our global supply chain, and the governance, ethics, and integrity of how we introduce emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) to the world. And this earned trust is why 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on IBM to handle their data.”


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