One Water’s circular products support its ESG initiative

Providing its solution at Sustainability LIVE, One Water is tackling social issues with its circular packaging products, providing clean drinking water

Recycling is a critical step in reducing waste, but creating circular products will take this initiative to a whole new level. The circular economy was one of the big topics at Sustainability LIVE and continues to be throughout the business world, and for good reason. 

We were delighted to share the networking floor with a company that has created products that really showcase what businesses can achieve with their packaging. One Water is a certified B Corporation founded by Duncan Goose to tackle the widespread issue that is access to clean drinking water around the world. 

The company was formed in 2005 with the aim of selling products in the UK to fund clean drinking water initiatives through The One Foundation. 

The One Foundation puts the ‘S’ in ESG 

The One Foundation is on a mission to eliminate fatalities and combat the lack of drinking water, which currently affects around 771 million people worldwide. So far, the organisation has impacted more than 4 million people in this situation, by raising £20mn.

The charity’s strategy is built around its core values, prioritising Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Malawi, as it aims to raise a total of £50mn by 2030 to carry out its important work, which will be separated by: 

  • 75% in large scale urban water systems
  • 15% immediate interventions in rural communities
  • 10% in response to humanitarian emergencies

Following the guidance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the aim is to provide a significant contribution to goal six — clean water and sanitation for all. 

One water showcases circular packaging products

There are not many better ways to promote a responsible initiative than to showcase it at a dedicated sustainability conference. Sustainability LIVE hosted the company, which support the event with bottled water in 100% recyclable bottles. 

But, this is not the only way the firm supports water infrastructure development across the globe. One Water has a few products in its range, from its aluminium bottle to glass bottles and aluminium cans comprised 40% or more recycled materials.

One Water boasts accreditations beyond its B Corp status, as it states the company is carbon neutral and is also a member of one 1% for the Planet, meaning it donates 1% of its profits to positive environmental action.


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