SmartBear announces its ESG initiative and CSR commitment

Sustainability affects all industries and SmartBear understands the need to take action with ESG and corporate social responsibility 

The software testing, monitoring and development company, SmartBear is a US-based firm that provides services, such as its API Lifecycle, automated testing, functional testing, service virtualisation, performance testing to name a few.

Within the industry, the company competes with some of the leading technology firms, including the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, BrowserStack, which their own versions of automated testing solutions. These also include performance and functionality analysis as well as security App scanning. 

These solutions are developed for clients to analyse solutions for automating otherwise menial tasks that would be carried out by personnel with an organisation, to implement and optimise new solutions within businesses. 

The digital firm drives ESG in its sector

Recently, SmartBear announced its commitment to social responsibility through its environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiative that will provide sustainable development of communities and promote diversity in the technology industry, specifically in teams that develop automated testing services for the company. ‘SmartBear has long been committed to becoming a leader in corporate social responsibility, and today we are thrilled to formalize our commitment’, said Frank Roe, Chief Executive Officer at SmartBear

‘To that end, we decided to focus on Community, Sustainability, Governance, and Diversity. While these areas are already of great importance to our employees, we’re excited to make greater investments in supporting our pledge to remain dedicated to social responsibility in our communities around the world’.

SmartBear’s ESG initiative will cover four major pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Including: 

  • Community – Volunteering and philanthropic initiatives at the local level for each of the company’s global offices
  • Sustainability – Commitments to supporting a sustainable climate, including efforts around the company’s data storage and office buildings
  • Governance – Company-wide, locale-specific risk management and mitigation, data privacy and protection, and initiatives that ensure compliance with laws and regulations
  • Diversity – Committing to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce where diversity is celebrated and all SmartBear employees are treated with respect

The Operating Managing Director at Vista Equity Partners, Kim Eaton says, ‘SmartBear has built out an ambitious, actionable, and scalable ESG program, and we look forward to supporting their efforts as they make measured progress in their initiatives’.

‘SmartBear, like the other high-achieving organizations across our portfolio, understands the importance of accountability and their role in making sustainable contributions to build a better world. Technology and enterprise software will continue to be critical drivers of ESG impact, and we are committed to supporting the positive impact of our investments during our ownership as we are doing with SmartBear’.


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