Global Network for Zero Sponsors Sustainability LIVE

The Global Network for Zero is a Critical Sponsor of Sustainability LIVE Net Zero, Sharing Decarbonisation Insights with Like-Minded Businesses

While companies advocate net-zero emissions, for some this is the sole driver of their purpose. As the corporate environment evolves, Sustainability LIVE Net Zero will uncover the latest developments and support businesses in their own decarbonisation efforts through insight and networking opportunities. 

Empowering people and businesses in the race to net zero is the Global Network for Zero (GNFZ), which is also one of our valued sponsors of the corporate hybrid event. The organisation has a vision to generate lasting effects: equitable global living standards that benefit both the environment and the increasing population. 

As a sponsor of Sustainability LIVE Net Zero, (GNFZ) shares the vision of BizClik and will continue to show support for corporates and other enterprises that put this mission at the core of their work.  

What is the Global Network for Zero? 

The GNFZ is an international initiative aimed at accelerating the transition to a zero emissions world. Founded by Mahesh Ramanujam, former President and CEO of the US Green Building Council, along with other sustainability and ESG experts, GNFZ focuses on addressing the urgent need for scalable climate solutions to prevent planetary calamities.

The key pillars of focus of the GNFZ are investment, technology and policy. 

Investment: Facilitating partnerships between investors and innovative projects for consistent profits and meaningful effects

Technology: Narrowing the technological divide and promoting growth in climate and clean technology advancements

Policy: Bringing together industry leaders and lawmakers to expedite the reduction of carbon emissions and enhance the execution of these initiatives

The Future of Net-Zero Emissions Awaits

Tickets for the Sustainability LIVE Net Zero event are now available. As a point of reference, last year's conference in London was a bustling scene, with long lines at each stage during the two-day affair.

Don't miss your chance to register today. Join us at the QEII Centre in London from March 6th to 7th, 2024. Secure an in-person ticket by February 16th, 2024, to enjoy a £200 discount on your admission to the year's premier sustainability event.

Alternatively, you can express your interest in attending the event virtually through our online platform, ensuring you don't miss any part of the proceedings.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available as we invite like-minded organisations to show their support for the event and its wider audience of businesses looking to gain more knowledge on decarbonisation. 

For full information on sponsorship, click here.


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