Microsoft becomes largest partner of ABB’s energy initiative

Elisabeth Brinton, Corporate Vice President Sustainability at Microsoft, comments on the firm’s commitment as it joins the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement

Driving down emissions is not an easy feat; one that requires a significant level of intervention from governments and major organisations to achieve in the time frame set out by the Paris Climate Agreement. 

There are many contributing factors to this, but one of the main areas of concern is energy, typically the supply of electricity in a renewable fashion to reduce emissions. As such, ABB is innovating fast to create a low-carbon society. 

We’ve seen its previous and current innovative efforts, of which one of the most central to the public eye is its work with the Formula E racing series. But, as the company diversifies its sustainability efforts, it looks to its partners and other technology firms to provide collaborative technologies to spread the load when it comes to developing new, more efficient models. 

Outside of its work with the electric vehicle (EV) racing series, ABB heads up the Energy Efficiency Movement and is now joined by the leading software and product developer, Microsoft. The multi-stakeholder initiative was idealised to raise awareness of the current climate crisis and the ability of firms to reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce emissions. Since the movement was established by ABB in March 2021, Microsoft is the largest group to become an ally of the initiative. 

Decarbonising technology for a climate-friendly future

As rising energy prices can be seen across the globe, spurred on by the war in Ukraine and other delays from unprecedented events, the movement is a way to address this. ABB’s input into the initiative is clear as it previously experienced a 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2021—highlighted by its sustainability strategy, which presents a reduction process leading up to 2030. 

“The greenest energy is the energy we never use,” says Tarak Mehta, President, Motion business area, ABB

“With 45 percent of the world’s electricity used to power motors in buildings and industry, improving energy efficiency is an essential strategy to fight climate change. Digitally connected energy efficient solutions are critical to accelerating progress and I am delighted Microsoft and ABB are making  common cause to enable greater energy efficiency in our operations and those of our customers.” 

The firm is very excited to welcome a leading organisation like Microsoft to contribute to its reduction initiative, marking a commitment from technology providers to achieve net-zero. This is reciprocated by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Sustainability, Elisabeth Brinton.

“Microsoft is joining the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement to help accelerate global progress on energy  efficiency and carbon reduction,” says Brinton.

“Microsoft is committed to become carbon negative by 2030 and 100 percent powered by  renewable electricity by 2025, and these goals are well aligned to both ABB and the Movement’s aims.  This will further support our existing collaboration to help customers in sectors like manufacturing,  transportation, and cities to make better decisions at scale and drive meaningful efficiency gains.” 

Joining forces to advance technology is such a critical process to grace the Energy Efficiency Movement, and embeds Microsoft’s technologies into the day-to-day sustainable operations at ABB. The companies also spent five years together working on the ABB Ability offering, which has become an integral component of its portfolio. 

About Tarak Mehta 

As a leading developer of innovative solutions such as robotic process automation (RPA) systems for manufacturing and pioneering technologies for EV charging, ABB is one of the leaders in its space and is growing in importance as it continues its foray into emissions reduction. Tarak Mehta joined the organisation in the late nineties and has since been heavily involved in the electrification innovation at the firm, holding various positions in the company throughout his 24+ year stint. 

About Elisabeth Brinton 

Brinton joined Microsoft in February 2022, bringing her expertise from experience at Shell and Anglo American. She is involved in the overall emissions reduction efforts of the organisation and continues to drive environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment throughout the organisation. This is achieved by deploying technology solutions that use data and provide measurable results to provoke the necessary business outcomes.


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