Sustainability LIVE Net Zero: ESG and Impact Speakers

Introducing four new speakers to Sustainability LIVE Net Zero: Kirsty Rice (Savills), Anisa Costa (Rivian), Lise Wee (AVEVA), and Nicolette Bartlett (CDP)

Join us at Sustainability LIVE Net Zero for an inspiring journey into the future of environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. We are thrilled to announce a lineup of distinguished speakers who are at the forefront of driving sustainable transformation across various sectors. Our guests come from prestigious backgrounds in real estate, electric vehicles, technology, and environmental disclosure, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique insights into the urgent need for action on sustainability, environmental, social and governance (ESG), and corporate impact.

From pioneering net zero strategies in the global real estate market, electrifying the automotive industry with sustainable practices, to leading the charge in software and data analytics for environmental conservation, and advocating for transparency and action in climate policy—our speakers embody the spirit of innovation and dedication required to face today's environmental challenges. 

These speakers represent organisations that are making significant strides towards reducing emissions, enhancing diversity and inclusion, investing in communities, and driving the philanthropic agenda towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Kirsty Rice, Head of Corporate ESG - Europe & Middle East at Savills

The latest evangelists of sustainability, ESG and corporate impact 

Sustainability LIVE Net Zero is excited to welcome the following speakers to the show.

Kirsty Rice, Head of Corporate ESG - Europe & Middle East at Savills 

Rice leads the European and Middle-eastern portion of Savill’s corporate ESG efforts. She leads the development and execution of a regional corporate strategy for the global real estate firm, focusing on delivering a net zero strategy. She collaborates with 17 countries on sustainability initiatives, including Net Zero, Diversity & Inclusion, and Community Investment, and reports progress to senior executives. 

Anisa Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Rivian Automotive and President & Trustee, Rivian Foundation

Anisa Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Rivian Automotive and President & Trustee, Rivian Foundation 

She works for one of the world’s most influential electric vehicle (EV) businesses, bringing her knowledge from her engagements at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and prior work with Tiffany & Co. 

Aside from her sustainability role with the EV maker, she also leads efforts to generate further impact through its corporate foundation. This drives the philanthropic agenda of the business. 

Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability at AVEVA

Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability at AVEVA 

With prior experience in a number of industries, Lisa Wee has witnessed the corporate sustainability agenda from all angles. Before joining AVEVA, she worked as the Senior Manager of Sustainability at Under Armour. Earlier she worked with a major energy corporation Chevron where she spent more than eight years delivering on its global corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an advisor to the cause. 

Nicolette Bartlett, Chief Impact Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Nicolette Bartlett, Chief Impact Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 

Bartlett, as Chief Impact Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), plays a pivotal role in steering the organisation's mission towards a sustainable economy. She oversees initiatives that encourage companies and governments to reduce emissions, protect natural resources, and engage in transparent environmental reporting. Bartlett's expertise in climate policy and sustainability is vital in promoting eco-friendly practices across industries, making her a central figure in the global fight against climate change.

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The audience of this year’s hybrid conference will be enlightened by stories of leadership, collaboration across continents, and the impactful initiatives that are shaping the future of corporate sustainability. Whether you are deeply involved in ESG practices, passionate about the transition to a sustainable economy, or looking to be inspired by global leaders making a real impact, this event promises to offer valuable perspectives and actionable insights.

Stay tuned as we explore the contributions of these trailblazers, who are not only navigating but also setting the course for a more sustainable and responsible global business landscape.

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