Ralph Lauren commits to net-zero emissions by 2040

By Helen Adams
Ralph Lauren reinforces its global commitment to sustainable operations with new net-zero roadmap and carbon removal goals

Ralph Lauren has announced its goal to achieve net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and its value chain by 2040. 

The company also published a detailed Net-Zero Commitment Statement, its strategy for achieving net-zero and advancing established sustainability targets. 

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a premium lifestyle designer in apparel, footwear and accessories, home, fragrances and hospitality. Founded in 1967 by 28-year-old Raph Lifshitz, who started his career in mens ties, Ralph Lauren is headquartered in New York and has a revenue of $6b.  


Ralph Lauren’s net-zero approach

This new strategy builds on Ralph Lauren’s existing greenhouse gas reduction commitment to lower emissions across its operations and supply chain by 30% by 2030, compared to Fiscal 2020 levels. 

“Climate change is one of the most complex and challenging issues of our time — one that will require innovation, collaboration, technology and a fundamental shift in behavior to solve,” said Patrice Louvet, President & CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation. “Our net-zero goal and roadmap are anchored in our belief that through deliberate action we can deliver the change required to reduce our climate impact and help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Ralph Lauren’s net-zero approach entails:

  • Reducing emissions by using 100% renewable power in its stores, offices and distribution centers by 2025. 
  • Ralph Lauren will collaborate with suppliers to drive down greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing facilities. 
  • The company plans to reduce emissions from its raw materials, by switching to preferred fibers with lower emissions impact than conventionally-grown fibers. 


Ralph Lauren employs verifiable carbon removals 

Ralph Lauren’s net-zero plan extends beyond reducing emissions from its operations and suppliers in its value chain. 

For emissions that cannot be reduced through Ralph Lauren’s direct actions, the company will purchase high-quality, verifiable carbon removals equivalent to its residual green house gas emissions, by 2040. 

Aligned with its commitment to the climate goals identified in the Paris Agreement, Ralph Lauren’s new net-zero pledge is its latest move to aid in mitigating the impact caused by its global operations and a key component of Design the Change, the Company’s Global Citizenship & Sustainability strategy. 

The company’s net-zero progress will be reported yearly in its annual Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report, a fully detailed corporate environmental and social status update on its sustainability approach.



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