Year in Review: Panalpina

By Marcus Lawrence
Procurement, logistics and supply chains at large have become hotbeds for potent sustainability initiatives that seek to drive environmental and social...

Procurement, logistics and supply chains at large have become hotbeds for potent sustainability initiatives that seek to drive environmental and social good. Panalpina, one of the world’s leading supply chain solutions providers, emblematises this ethos. Across its operations - which span air freight, ocean freight, logistics and manufacturing across 70 markets, 500 offices and 12 industries - the firm has accelerated sustainability efforts at every level. Not only is this approach beneficial for the planet and the communities it operates within, today’s political climate has yielded sustainability as a driver for business growth.

“I think sustainability is absolutely the way the world's going. 14 years ago, these issues were never talked about and now it’s becoming a differentiator and a key aspect of business’ operations,” says Lindsay Zingg, Global Head of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment at Panalpina. “We’re finding companies won’t work with us unless we are climate friendly and are willing to help them achieve their climate goals. It’s not just the right thing to do but it’s a core part of how we must do business.”


Shifts in legislation, climate policy, consumer attitudes and the desire of employees to work for ethical organisations are clear and powerful triggers for this transformation, and Panalpina has certainly answered the call. In our company profile from July this year, we took an extensive look at the strategies and technologies driving this change, along with the benefits the firm is reaping from its proactive behaviour.

She adds: “Honestly, we have now become one of the top companies for sustainability – it’s really been a massive transformation. Everyone from our management team in Basel to employees in the warehouses around the world have had to change their mindset and approach. It’s been really motivating to see. Sustainability is really important in our industry.” 

For the full feature, take a look at either the July issue of CSO Magazine or the exclusive company brochure


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