Deep green engineers Integral Group to rebrand as Introba

Bill Overturf
Bill Overturf
Integral Group, a network of engineers and consultants providing deep green built environment solutions, rebrands as Introba, uniting teams in 5 countries

Integral Group, a global network of ‘deep green’ engineers and consultants, is to rebrand as Introba, bringing all 1,100 employees in five countries under the same name. 

The group currently operates under different names in Australia, the UK, Serbia, Canada, and the US.

Introba aims to transform the built environment by creating dynamic, living environments that are smart, resilient, and connected. It provides services including district planning, technical design, system integration, and performance optimisation through digital transformation and sustainable strategies.

Founded in 2008 by Kevin Hydes, Integral Group is driving the adoption of sustainable building design, moving beyond even green and net-zero buildings towards regenerative buildings – ones that actually help heal the environment rather than not harm it further.

“Integral Group, with an emphasis on decarbonisation and resilience, has grown into a global firm that offers complete green engineering solutions for some of the most challenging and exciting projects in the world. As one strong organisation, our combined businesses will empower our employees to uplift our shared communities, promote sustainability, and create smart, resilient, and connected built environments,” says Hydes, who will continue to play a crucial part in the leadership of strategic projects and activities as a speciality consultant.

Integral Group one of the pioneers of green building and net zero construction

Integral Group was a founding signatory of the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Commitment and Carbon Leadership Forum's MEP 2040 Challenge. The firm has also worked on over 100 Net Zero Energy buildings.

Recent projects include:

“The rebranding represents our reaffirmed dedication to providing our customers with deep technical expertise, cutting-edge innovations, and worldwide resources,” added Integral Group President Bill Overturf.

“Together, we can continue to improve the quality of life for our communities while promoting unity across our company by simplifying processes and procedures for employees to collaborate throughout all our offices.”


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