GM: investing in the future

By William Girling
In a press release on the company’s website, American multinational car manufacturer General Motors has disclosed its vision of the sector’s future...

In a press release on the company’s website, American multinational car manufacturer General Motors has disclosed its vision of the sector’s future.

Investing over US$2bn at its assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramck, GM is gearing up to produce a range of different EVs, including trucks and SUVs. The facility is expected to create up to 2,200 jobs, with a further $800mn in further investments planned.

“Through this investment, GM is taking a big step forward in making our vision of an all-electric future a reality,” said Mark Reuss, President of GM. “Our electric pickup will be the first of multiple electric truck variants we will build at Detroit-Hamtramck over the next few years.”

The potential of EVs

GM has already announced its intention to revive Hummer - a brand of trucks and SUVs - and transform it into an all-EV marque. 


Previously suffering from connotations as a brand that produces models with high consumption of petrol, GM hopes that the revitalised electric Hummer will capture the hearts and minds of eco-conscious motorists. 

Speaking with CNBC, Phil Brook, VP of GMC marketing, claimed that the demand already existed in the market, “Every time we talk to GMC customers, they tell us we want more. We just think it has real potential. I think when people see GMC Hummer EV, they’ll be very clear about what it is. It just seemed like a very good fit for the brand.”

Sacrificing none of the power that made the original, fossil-fuelled Hummers popular, the new EV model will have 1,000 horsepower and be able to accelerate from zero to 60mph in approximately three seconds. 

Satisfied that the company is investing the future, Reuss commented that the state of Michigan had a lot to gain from GM’s decision. “The support from the state of Michigan was a key element in making this investment possible,” he said. 

“This investment helps ensure that Michigan will remain at the epicentre of the global automotive industry as we continue our journey to an electrified future.”


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