How Dialight’s LED Lighting Addresses Workplace Safety

Dialight, the world-leading provider of Industrial and Hazardous application LED lighting, puts health and safety at the forefront of their ESG message

Risk is a major contributing factor to corporate sustainability, particularly in the industrial sector where US$250bn is estimated to be spent each year on jobsite-related injuries. As June marks National Safety Month, Dialight calls industry leaders to recognise workplace safety as a part of the ‘S’ in environmental, social, governance (ESG), by instilling proper measures like LED lighting to prevent workplace injuries. 

The industrial sector is riddled with hazards and without on-site clarity, those risks are heightened, particularly in business operations that continue at all hours of the night. A holistic approach to ESG goes beyond the environment and incorporates people and their safety. The ability to mitigate risk through better lighting is something that Dialight aims to achieve as the world-leading supplier of industrial LED lighting solutions. 

In an effort to encourage businesses to maintain health and safety as an action of sustainability, Dialight provides research showing the correlation between better lighting and reduced workplace accidents.  

Dialight enables sustainable lighting

Headquartered in the US, Dialight prides itself as the global leader in industrial LED lighting and a pioneer in improving sustainability, safety and operational efficiency. Their products consist of long-lasting LED lighting technology for industrial and Hazardous applications. 

Dialight is responsible for the installation of millions of fixtures across the globe and leads the way in energy efficient technology applications, cost savings and environmental advocacy. 

“To incorporate the ‘Social’ aspect of ESG, companies must demonstrate social responsibility and actions in anticipating risk, which makes workplace safety a key component” says Fariyal Khanbabi, CEO of Dialight. 

“Lighting may sometimes be overlooked as a central component to a company’s safety strategy. However, it can play a critical role in maintaining productivity, preventing accidents, and improving the work environment for employees.” 

Lighting enables safety as part of the social framework

Not only is LED lighting sustainable in terms of energy efficiency, but when designed for harsh and hazardous industrial applications, it safeguards the health and well-being of employees. Dialight’s research on the effects lighting has on safety in the workplace includes reports from the CDC, the US Department of Labour and more. According to this research, the risk of workplace accidents can be reduced by up to 60% with proper illumination of hazards. This is why safety has always been at the heart of Dialight’s product development strategy, resulting in best-in-class LED solutions that help improve safety for workers in potentially dangerous applications.

Research has also shown that illuminating spaces with adequate lighting increases alertness among operatives and helps employees remain diligent in hazardous environments. 

Lighting solutions must be resilient in the event of power outages, high heat and humidity, and vibration while continuing to provide consistent performance with near daylight illumination to give full visibility. Reliability is key for a successful lighting solution and LED fixtures are made without mercury or other harmful materials that often require special handling. 

“As the industrial sector adopts more sustainable measures, traditional lighting solutions should be one of the first things companies should look to upgrade,” says Khanbabi. 

“Not only are they harmful to the environment, but they have shorter lifespans and require significant and frequent maintenance. Most importantly, they often provide sub-optimal illumination to perform tasks safely.”

Dialight’s ESG report details critical areas for development, many of which focus on durability and energy savings of up to 90%, as well as commercial benefits like cost-efficiency and performance.

To learn more about Dialight and its lighting fixtures, click here.


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