Sustainability Magazine’s year of global corporate insights

Sustainability Magazine - January 2023
With immense growth of sustainability as a subject and a consideration for corporate strategy, Sustainability Magazine shared plenty of insights in 2023

January: Kickstarting the year, and priming business travellers for the year ahead, Heathrow Airport was the main inspiration for the January cover. Not only was it a big year for decarbonising aviation, but we also touched on the trends in electrification, electric vehicle (EV) adoption, net-zero emissions through fintech services, and the 5G applications in sustainability.

Sustainability Magazine - February 2023

February: The point of uncertainty across the globe as energy prices rose and supplies decreased. February was plagued by some uncertainty among consumers, nevertheless, the conversation took a turn toward ethical technology and strategies to tackle the gender gap in employment. 

Sustainability Magazine - March 2023

March: The March issue cover exemplifies that cover feature on racial equality and how to create more inclusive working environments for diverse groups of people. This issue also featured reports from G4S, AEHRA, Switch DataCenters, and AH4R

Sustainability Magazine - April 2023

April: EY’s theme takes over this cover with special insights from Steve Varley, the former Global Vice Chair Sustainability. In terms of features, we spoke to IKEA on greener decision-making, as well as Scala Data Centers and EXA Infrastructure

Sustainability Magazine - May 2023

May: Featuring Krystle Sands, this issue taps into more features from the technology sector, procurement in the performance automotive industry, and further insights from us about sustainable smart cities and workplace equity. 

Sustainability Magazine - June 2023

June: Tate & Lyle covers the June issue with an exclusive on its consulting services within the food and beverage industry, incorporating scientific discovery, transparency, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the supply chain. Beyond this we also discussed the role of cloud and telecommunications in future mobility with Vodafone Automotive.  

Sustainability Magazine - July 2023

July: The world’s largest companies featured in this issue as we looked at their ESG strategies and what makes one successful or actionable. Also featuring Bridgestone, Sanofi & Marken, BDx Indonesia, and Algbra.

Sustainability Magazine - August 2023

August: Preempting a business month for Sustainability LIVE, we featured some of the executive speakers we’d seen at the events in previous years. Further, we figured out what it takes to build a sustainable smart city, and delved into CSRD impact reporting. 

Sustainability Magazine - September 2023

September: His Royal Highness pictured in nature, King Charles III featured on the September issue as an influential figure in overall climate action. Alongside the King were Central Co-Op, AB InBev, IBM and Doji

Sustainability Magazine - October 2023

October: A great view of Emilio Tenuta, the October magazine covered his insights on climate change and the water crisis to urge businesses to take action now. Also featuring Schneider Electric, Convera and Radisson Hotel Group

Sustainability Magazine - November 2023

November: Always smiling, Eirini Etoimou reflected on her presentation at Sustainability LIVE London as we interviewed her in person at Sellafield Ltd’s UK headquarters. She spoke about the need to build a sustainable mindset within an organisation to truly impact what goes on externally.

Sustainability Magazine - December 2023

December: Closing the year with Sophia Mendelsohn and Gunther Rothermal from SAP, the pair discuss the history of the organisation’s sustainability strategy and stewardship with a disclosure of 2024 targets. 


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