Nespresso survey: sustainability high on hospitality agenda

By Becci Knowles
Uptake and engagement with sustainability initiatives among hospitality leaders “really encouraging” - Beth Langley, OOH Director, Nespresso Professional

Research commissioned by Nespresso Professional has revealed that nearly three quarters (72%) of senior hospitality leaders believe that sustainability has become more of a priority in their business during the last year.

The research, conducted with 1,000 UK hospitality leaders, also revealed the same number (72%) of respondents stated that sustainability will become more of a priority in the next year, an increase from just over two thirds (67%) in 2021, when Nespresso Professional asked senior hospitality leaders the same question.

Following the COP26 conference held in the UK last year, 84% of businesses surveyed said they have made sustainability improvements to their business.

The research also revealed over half of those asked (58%) say they aim to achieve B Corp certification in the future

More than one in ten (12%) said sustainability has become less of a priority, with reducing overheads and managing the cost-of-living crisis cited as key reasons.

 Interestingly, the research found that senior hospitality leaders are almost equally concerned about increasing prices for customers to pay for sustainable products (60%) as they are about cost-of-living rises (59%).

Improving turnover, training and upskilling current staff and managing supply chain issues came out as overall business concerns, with a fifth (20%) of senior leaders stating that sourcing sustainable and ethical products and ingredients was also a top concern.  

B-Corp Certification an increasing priority

Exploring the steps hospitality businesses have taken to be more sustainable, implementing a recycling system came out on top (32%), followed by increasing recycling of coffee capsules (28%) and executing a sustainability strategy across the business (27%).

Encouragingly, over half of those asked (58%) say they have aims to achieve B Corp certification in the future, with 13% already saying they have achieved B Corp certification.

Exploring the role of suppliers in greater detail, 73% say it would be beneficial for suppliers to support customers’ sustainability journeys. The biggest challenge hospitality businesses face is finding one supplier that can provide all the sustainably sourced and produced resources they need.

Beth Langley, Out Of Home Director (OOH) Director, Nespresso Professional, commented on the findings: “It is really encouraging to see the continual uptake and engagement with sustainability initiatives across the hospitality industry, and while it’s clear that businesses are facing considerable challenges, leaders within the sector are determined to do the right thing.

“As a recently certified B Corp business, we not only recognise the importance of addressing sustainability, but also the challenges that can come with committing to being a force for good.

“In line with the B Corp community values, we’re dedicated to helping others across the industry, providing our experience of the B Corp process to showing how our coffee products can support a sustainable offering. For example, through our AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program we build long-standing relationships with coffee producers to create high-quality coffee, ensuring a sustainable supply while improving the livelihoods of the farms and their communities.”



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