Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero - AI in Sustainability

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Sustainability leaders from Sercomm, AVEVA, CDP and Wipro discuss the Future of AI in Sustainability at Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero

AI offers exciting new opportunities to improve sustainability, but needs to be implemented carefully to avoid causing harm. 

At Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, sustainability leaders give a panel discussion on the Future of AI in Sustainability, sponsored by Wipro. 

Speaking on the panel is Jonathan Lishawa, GM UK and Ireland for Smart Energy and Utility Business at Sercomm, Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability at AVEVA, Amir Sokolowski, Global Director for Climate Change at CDP and Adam Savitz, Senior Partner for Sustainability at Wipro.

How AI can drive sustainability initiatives

The panellists agree AI has the capacity to decarbonise infrastructure, optimise resources and reduce costs in sustainability efforts, but it requires some risk.

Amir says: “Any technology has three impacts on society in general. It can either streamline things that are already being done, it can make them more efficient or less efficient depending on what your position is, or it can change them completely. 

“I think there's a whole series of discussions we're going to have here in which each one of those three is both a risk and a potential opportunity to deal with.”

Amir talks about the impacts of technology on society

AI predictive maintenance 

The panellists discuss AI’s ability to enhance fault detection, optimise human resource allocation and improve traceability in carbon capture. 

Lisa says: “Take for example Enel Green Power. They have sensors at all of their renewable power assets, detecting everything about the equipment and they would actually have local teams on the ground looking for anomalies, checking for performance.

“They can centralise that data. They can run machine learning algorithms over it. They can actually detect fault anomalies very quickly.”

Sustainability leaders discuss potential uses of AI

The panel also discusses the challenges of data acquisition and integration, underscoring AI's potential to transform decision-making and operational efficiency in sustainability initiatives.

Accurate data and AI model training

Jonathan says: “We have to sort of understand that depending on the quality of data, but also the size of the dataset, because you can get statistical variance, which leads you to a conclusion that's actually not accurate or right.

“It's not artificial intelligence. This is guided machine learning. Human beings are guiding this. The creativity we see is very much from repetition.”

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