Top 10 CEOs pushing for Data Centre Sustainability

By employing efficient designs and reducing power use, the following CEOs are significantly lessening their companies’ carbon footprint

Due to the increasing usage of the Internet and the consequent increase in DC power consumption, the creation of green data centres has become essential across the industry. Add to this the rising cost of energy and the increasing awareness of environmental issues, and it’s clear why the public is continuing to pressure companies to adopt greener policies.

Since the importance of sustainability is increasing, here is a look at the top ten data centre executives leading the way in making their companies more sustainable.

10. Rob Roy of Switch

Rob Roy is the CEO and founder of Switch, a global leader in data centre ecosystem design and development. He is also active in various community initiatives. He is a member of the GOED, a government agency that focuses on economic growth.

9. Dan Andersson of EcoDataCenter

Dan Andersson joined EcoDataCenter in January of this year as the company's new CEO, succeeding the company's previous leader, Lars Schedin.

Dan is a well-rounded expert with over 25 years of experience in the Swedish Armed Forces and various managerial positions in different industries, including IT and heavy engineering.

8. Robin Khuda of Airtrunk

Robin Khuda is the CEO of Airtrunk and is responsible for the company's business expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Before becoming the CEO of Airtrunk, Khuda was a member of NEXTDC, an organisation focused on helping multinational technology companies in the area.

7. Tor Kristian Gyland of Green Mountain

Tor Gyland has been a part of Green Mountain since it was founded in 2011. He became the company's chief commercial officer in 2011.

Before becoming the CEO of Green Mountain in 2017, he had held various managerial positions in the telecommunications industry, such as those at Cisco and Alcatel.

6. William Meaney of Iron Mountain

Before becoming the CEO of Iron Mountain, William Meaney was the CEO of The Zuellig Group, a Hong-Kong based conglomerate. He also held various other positions within the organisation. Before that, Meaney was the CEO of South African Airways and the Chief Commercial Officer of Swiss International Airlines.

5. Chad Williams of QTS

Chad Williams has been the CEO and chairman of QTS since it was founded in 2005. Under his leadership, the company has become one of the fastest-growing data centre service providers.

Before becoming the CEO of QTS, Williams was the CEO of QGC, a group of companies that operate in various industries such as commercial real estate and design-build development.

4. Jean-Pascal Tricoire of Schneider Electric

Since he joined Schneider Electric in 1986, Jean-Pascal Tricoire has held various positions within the company. He most recently held the position of Commercial Director for China and the Executive Vice President for the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and South America regions. In 2006, he became the company's chairman and CEO.

3. Niall Molloy of Echelon

Over the course of his career, Niall Molloy has gained a reputation for delivering large-scale projects in the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East. As the CEO of Echelon Data Centers, Molloy is responsible for leading the company's strategy and overseeing the various operations.

Niall Molloy has gained a reputation for delivering large-scale projects in the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East. As the CEO of Echelon Data Centers, Molloy is responsible for leading the company's strategy and overseeing the various operations.

2. Marcos Peigo of Scala Data Centers

Over his career, Marcos Peigo has gained a wide range of experience in the data centre industry. He is currently the CEO of Scala Data Centers, a hyper-scale platform based in Latin America. He is also the operating partner of DigitalBridge, the digital infrastructure investment firm that founded Scala Data Centers.

Before becoming the CEO of Ark Data Centers, Peigo was the chairman of the Board of Modular Data Centers. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and telecommunications engineering.

1. Huw Owen of Ark Data Centres

Before becoming the CEO of Ark Data Centers, Huw Owen was the president of the global health division of British Telecom. He has also held various positions in the private and public sectors, such as the CEO of the Atlas Consortium and an adviser to the United Nations.



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