International sustainability initiatives to look out for

By Marcus Lawrence
As governments worldwide accelerate funding for sustainability initiatives, including the development of net zero emissions manufacturing and transport...

As governments worldwide accelerate funding for sustainability initiatives, including the development of net zero emissions manufacturing and transport sectors, EV charging infrastructure, tree planting and many more, an array of global initiatives have gained traction for companies and governments seeking to do their bit. With increasingly climate conscious consumers, many organisations are signing up to various programmes aimed at cutting emissions, reducing waste, clearing existing pollution and protecting underprivileged communities across their supply chains. Below are a few of CSO magazine’s top picks from initiatives in this vein, with more to come in future articles.

Operation Clean Sweep
This initiative focuses on significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste making its way into our oceans, rivers and waterways. Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) aims to support companies in their efforts to implement strong plastic use and recycling practices. Plastic resin handlers are of particular focus for OCS as they seek to cut pellet, flake and powder loss to the environment to zero. The initiative has garnered a huge amount of support from firms worldwide, with companies signed up to the initiative including: ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Katoen Natie, Shell Chemical, The Dow Chemical Company, Amcor Rigid Packaging, McLaren Plastics, various SABIC entities, Forbes Technologies and many, many more.

The RE100 is a global initiative calling on business leaders to commit to 100% renewably sourced electricity by 2050. Coordinated by the Climate Group, in partnership with the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Group), is making great strides in setting the pace for implementation of renewable resources for the world’s biggest companies. Its strong message and vision for a clean energy future is demonstrably effective, with an array of leading firms committing to the bold but necessary move away from natural resources for electricity production. IKEA, Carlsberg Group, Adobe, 3M, Facebook, Allianz, AstraZeneca, AXA, BBVA, Bank of America, Walmart, Barclays, Google, Coca-Cola European Partners, Danone, HP, Lego, Microsoft and Nike provide a flavour of the pedigree found in the RE100’s 192 participating companies.


UN Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are contained within the 2030 Agenda foe Sustainable Development, a blueprint for social, environmental, economic, and peaceful sustainability. Every member of the UN has adopted the 2030 agenda, and the 17 SDGs, themselves extensive and holistic, it is comprised of detail the goals governments must strive for to create a healthier world in every respect.  

The Supply Chain Initiative
Launched by various EU associations in 2013 to promote increased fairness in commercial regulations across the food supply chain, the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) sets out guidelines for best trading practice and the assurance of ethical operations. The framework focuses on conducting business in the food sector in a fair, sustainable and competitive manner for all stakeholders, from farmers to retailers. Companies to have either signed up to or expressed interest in joining the initiative, of which there are at least 82 from across the EU, include: Coca-Cola, Danone, Kellogg, Ferrero International, Danish Crown, Nestle, Unilever, Wrigley, Aldi and many more.



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