Top 10 Greentech startups from across the world

By Helen Adams
From electric transportation to combating earthworm waste - here is our Top 10 Greentech startups helping businesses and communities to live sustainably

From mega household brands making net-zero commitments to individuals changing their daily habits, sustainable change is everywhere. 

Here are ten outstanding Greentech startups doing their bit.


10. Phyto Pro, South Africa

Pea protein reigns in startup Phyto Pro. The vegetables are grown free of chemicals and bleaching. 

“We manufacture a range of pant-based sports nutrition, health and wellness products”, said co-founder, Yesheen Singh. “We are particularly proud of our range of functional foods to accelerate healing and reduce recovery time.”


9. AcuaCare, Colombia

In Colombia, cold-blooded, eyeless, hermaphrodite earthworms spread their excrement in land and water, which is harmful to humans and damaging to crops. 

Startup Acuacare has created solutions to treat water for earthworms as well as a portable biological treatment kit for rural areas. 

AcuaCare won the 2014 PepsiCo award ‘Development with Purpose’.

8. Greentech, Peru

Founded in Lima in 2014, Greentech has created a small solution to help solve vehicle pollution. Transport fuel is mixed with an additive, which emits a cleaner fume. 

“The product reduces the carbon footprint by up to 20%”, said Rodrigo Coquis, CEO of Greentech Innovations.


7. Bounce, India

Another highly popular alternative to fumes, Bounce offers electric motorcycle rides to commuters, to help decrease pollution in Indian cities. Bounce is also highly favoured by female travelers, who feel safer using motorcycles to cars or other vehicles. 

“[Women] don’t have to worry about how they would commute back from work,” said co-founder Vivekananda Hallekere.

6.Biomicrogel, Russia

The Russian startup, Biomicrogel Group, has created a technology to clean surfaces and water, from oil, petroleum and other pollutions.

Biomicrogel’s team were the first to try the natural polymers reversible solvability principle. 

The startup has two fabrication shops and production is either fully or partially computer-aided.

5. Sunnyfounder, Taiwan

The startup Sunnyfounder allows investors to choose from solar panels in a variety of locations. Once the panel is funded by an individual, they receive dividends. 

"Encouraging the production of green energy should not have a minimum threshold; not everyone can afford to invest millions of dollars”, said Edison Feng, Sunnyfounder CEO. 


4. Klean, Malaysia

50% of the earth’s ocean plastic waste comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This is having a devastating impact on the environment and on coastal communities. 

In support of the circular economy, Malaysian startup, Klean, has created vending machines which accept plastic waste from consumers, in return for discounts via an app. 


3. BlueSphere, Israel

Blue Sphere turns food and farm waste into biofuel, which is sold to utility providers, who use them to power steam turbines for electricity. A smelly, but efficient, startup. Waste to energy has been embraced in Europe and slowly across the globe.

“We are now discovering the opportunity in this market”, said CEO Shlomi Palas.


2. Zembo Motorcycle, Uganda

The startup Zembo aims to replace motorcycle taxis (known in Uganda as bora boras) which emit fumes, with solar powered vehicles. 

“Zembo is a company focused on bringing the electric bora boras to the Ugandan market”, Titus Kimboka, team leader at Zembo Motorcycles, told Startup Africa Roadtrip. “Uganda has bora boras as the main mode of transportation and this has caused a lot of pollution around the city.”

The startup has been endorsed by NDF EEP Africa. 


  1. Sunspectra, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is close to 100% renewable energy, reaching 99% in 2019. Startup Sunspectra is supporting the country’s sustainable development and unique ecosystem. 14,000 tons of sunblock finds its way into the sea each year, which is a suspected cause of coral reef bleaching. Sunspectra creates cosmetic products which are 100% healthy for the local Caribbean reefs. 

In addition, the company has adopted a portion of the Manuel Antonio reef, to help ensure its recovery.



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