Capgemini's new net zero sustainability strategy

By Helen Adams
Capgemini launches Net Zero Strategy to help organisations move from pledges to results, on their sustainability journey - with GASAG already a fan

Consulting company Capgemini has shared its second sustainability offering, which aims to empower clients to transition to net zero. 

Capgemini’s sustainability offerings contribute to its dual ambition: 

  • To become carbon neutral by 2025 
  • To help clients save 10mn tonnes of CO2 by 2030 and for the company to reach net zero in the same year

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with companies to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. Headquartered in Paris, the diverse organisation has 290,000 team members across 50 countries. The Group reported in 2020 global revenues of €16bn.


A sustainable, net zero future requires collaboration to reduce emissions 

Using science-based targets, Capgemini is working with clients to set the vision, trajectory, and roadmap to help them accelerate their net zero transition, from commitment to tangible sustainable achievements, building on a decade of expertise. 

“We firmly believe that a sustainable future is achievable only with deep industry-wide collaboration between our clients, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders”, said Cyril Garcia, CEO of Capgemini Invent, Group Executive Board Member and CSR sponsor.

“The climate crisis demands bold decision-making and collective action, and our Net Zero Strategy offering, powered by data and leading technologies, is designed to put clients on a trajectory that takes them from pledges to action.”

Implementing the significant changes needed to reduce CO2 emissions 45% by 2030 and become net zero by 2050, is one of the most urgent transformation challenges facing organisations today. 

The Net Zero Strategy offering includes working with clients to define their sustainability purpose and Capgemini will support clients on implementing transformative business models, and engaging the right talent and stakeholders to achieve low carbon transformation.


Paving the way to carbon neutrality with GASAG

Capgemini’s net zero strategy and sustainability services are already being deployed for several clients, including GASAG, one of Germany's largest energy suppliers. 

Working with Capgemini Invent, GASAG took the first step towards the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, by:

  • Validating neutrality targets
  • Identifying fields of action
  • Developing a CO2 Savings Roadmap


"Sustainability is our compass. We are aware that many of our current business models are limited, but great entrepreneurial opportunities will arise on the path to climate neutrality. With our expertise and our passion, we can make relevant contributions to a successful energy transition. Capgemini Invent has accompanied us on this journey to a successful CO2 Savings Roadmap,” said Georg Friedrichs, Chairman of the Board, GASAG AG.

GASAG has created transparency for its company-wide CO2 emissions and is now able to identify actions to reduce them effectively, with a total potential reduction of approximately 2.5mn tonnes of CO2.


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