Boeing partner with SkyNRG for sustainable aviation fuel

By Helen Adams
Sustainable aviation fuel progress from Boeing and SkyNRG, as the two partner for global production

Boeing and SkyNRG Americas have begun a partnership which will focus on increasing the availability of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) across the world. 

SkyNRG Americas' SAF production project, for which Alaska Airlines is a partner, will receive investment from Boeing.

Together focus will be firmly on:

  • Scaling production capacity
  • Building awareness
  • Engaging stakeholders throughout the value chain, including airlines, governments and environmental organisations.


Strong collaboration needed in the sustainable fuel industry 

SkyNRG is a leader in sustainable fuel. The company partakes in:

  • Sourcing and supplying the fuel
  • Developing production capacity
  • Advising on policy decisions
  • Managing corporate SAF programs
  • Taking action on sustainability across the board


SkyNRG Americas is a new company focused on growing SAF production in North America. 

Boeing's investment in the project includes the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel from this facility for use in company flight tests and other operations.

"We are extremely proud to take the longstanding Boeing-SkyNRG relationship to this new level. We have always been strong collaborators and through this teaming effort, we're strengthening our relationship even further," said Maarten van Dijk, Managing Director of SkyNRG.

"We are thrilled to be in this partnership with Boeing and grateful for their leadership by providing an advance payment for SAF from our first facility. With this teaming agreement, SkyNRG Americas will be able to accelerate our efforts to expand the SAF industry throughout North America," said John Plaza, CEO of SkyNRG Americas.


Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer proud of the economic benefits of sustainable aviation fuel

The partnership builds on Boeing's long-term industry leadership and investment in sustainable aviation fuel. Test flights using it began in 2008 and in 2011 sustainable aviation fuel gained approval for commercial use. 

Boeing has committed that its commercial airplanes will be capable and certified to fly on 100% SAF by 2030.

"Sustainable aviation fuels are safe, proven and offer the greatest potential to reduce our industry's carbon emissions in the near, medium and long term," said Chris Raymond, Boeing Chief Sustainability Officer. "This partnership is an important milestone on our journey to decarbonise aerospace, while ensuring that its societal and economic benefits are available to people everywhere. Our industry will need a strong, reliable supply of SAF to address climate change and drive adoption. We aspire to partner and help create that supply."


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