Top 5 businesses with net-zero initiatives

By Helen Adams
It's Net Zero Week - here's a rundown of how Hitachi, Sky, Savills, American Airlines and Ford are racing to their net zero targets

Happy Net Zero Week

The UK’s National Awareness Week for net zero runs from 17th – 23rd July 2021, promoting an understanding of what net zero is and why legislation to support it is necessary. 

A net zero business is one which offsets any emissions, in order to protect the planet from rising global temperatures.



Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Revenue: US$78bn 

Hitachi joined the UN Race to Zero campaign to support the global temperature limit to 1.5°C, above pre industrial levels and to stand by its own environmental targets:

  • To achieve carbon neutrality at all its factories and offices, by fiscal 2030
  • An 80% reduction in CO₂ emissions across the company’s value chain, by fiscal 2050

“We have an environmental vision to pass on a prosperous planet to future generations”, said Alistair Dormer, Chief Environmental Officer. “To achieve our vision, we know that all of society needs to be low carbon, resource efficient and harmonized with nature. 



Headquarters: London, UK

Revenue: US$18bn

In early 2020, Sky declared its commitment to become net zero carbon by 2030. Since then, the company has hit many important milestones:

  • In July 2020, work began on Sky Studios Elstree, the most sustainable film and television production site in the world 
  • Later in November, Sky announced the arrival of 151 new PHEV engineer vans, which would emit 60% less emissions
  • The £2m Sky Zero Footprint Fund campaign was launched in March 2021
  • Sky News launched The Daily Climate Show, the first daily news programme dedicated to climate change and the environment, in April.


Headquarters: London, UK

Revenue: £1.7bn

As part of Savills net zero pathway, the luxury estate agents are committed to:

  • Commit – only occupy assets that are net zero operational carbon by 2030
  • Maintaining a transparent disclose about its energy consumption and carbon emissions data, within an annual report
  • Implementing a decarbonisation roadmap, to include undertaking energy audits across relevant workspaces by 2025 and ensuring procurement of renewable energy
  • To advocate for transformation across the industry and demonstrate leadership 


American Airlines

Headquarters: Texas, USA

Revenue: US$17bn

American Airlines has committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and has agreed to purchase up to 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel, produced by Prometheus Fuels.

“We are building American Airlines to thrive forever, which is why we set an ambitious goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050”, said Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines. “Now, we’re committing to set a science-based target for 2035 because the seriousness of the climate challenge demands it.”



Headquarters: Michigan, USA 

Revenue: US$127bn

Ford is the only U.S. car manufacturer working in line with the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals. The company will focus on the areas which cause 95% of its CO2 emissions:

  • Vehicle use
  • Supply base
  • Ford’s company facilities

So far, Ford has invested over $11.5b in electric vehicles and by 2035, Ford plans to power all of its manufacturing plants with 100% renewable energy, which will be locally sourced.


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