Top 10 Companies Using Sustainable Packaging

We take a look at ten companies switching to sustainable packaging

Packing is one of the main types of wastes that ends up in landfills. Majority of bags and packaging is made from plastic which typically isn't recyclable or compostable. Here we look at ten different companies switching out their packaging to decrease their effect on the environment.

10. Plaine

The majority of bathroom products such as shampoo and face wash are sold in plastic containers/bottles. This type of plastic packaging is single use and usually ends up in landfills. To target this Plaine sells their products in reusable aluminium, these can be returned after use or refilled. Unlike plastic bottles these are 100% recyclable.

9. Lush

Unlike most companies Lush tries to avoid the need for packing at all. Products like shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath can be purchased in a bar form. For Lush items that do need packaging 90% is made from recycled materials and can be recycled or composted. Black Pots provided by Lush can not be recycled in all places but can be returned to stores to be reused.

8. Kelloggs

Plastic packaging waste adds to a lot of the ocean pollution and landfills. Among food companies Kelloggs have one of the smallest plastic footprints. Kelloggs is currently using recycled cardboard, overall 76% of packaging is recyclable. By the end of 2025 the company aims to make 100% of packing either recyclable or compostable.


Pangea is a beauty company that sells face care, body care and lip care products. At Pangea they are committed to making the beauty industry sustainable. In their packaging they use Sugarcane Bio-resin, they are the first company in the world to use this alternative material. This switch reduces the need for RAW materials, and this material is recyclable, compostable and decreases carbon footprint.

6. JUST Water

Production of plastic water bottles impacts the environment, as well as the carbon footprint. In the UK alone 38.5 million bottles are thrown away everyday, over half of these do not end up being recycled. JUST Water was created by Jaden Smith to target against this, water is packaged in paper boxes and aluminium bottles. These water products do not impact the environment the way that plastic bottles do.


Asos have removed 40% of their own packaging since 2019. They are achieving this by using packaging sized appropriately for products, just by doing this the carbon footprint of the mail bags has been reduced 27%. Asos has also removed 25 million tags from their own Asos clothing lines. To continue with the sustainability within the packaging the company has stopped producing return slips and now handles all returns online.

4. Calvin Klein

On the new Calvin Klein packaging it features recycling information and instructions. This is in collaboration with How2Recycle, the instructions are detailed on how all parts of the packaging can be recycled. This encourages customers to correctly dispose of their waste leading to a reduction in landfills.

3. Zara

Zara is producing recyclable packaging. Along with their sustainable packaging they are also allowing customers to bring their unwanted items back to stores to be recycled or repurposed. By 2025 the company aims to be 100% landfill free.

2. Puma 

Puma have designed a shoe box which doubles as a bag, this eliminates the need to get a bag when purchasing. Plastic bags contribute to landfills and environmental pollution. This new design is part of Pumas aim to reduce their water usage, carbon emissions and waste.

1. Samsung

Samsung is repurposing their packaging, when purchasing a product from Samsung you can choose what you can turn your packing into. For example when purchasing a QLED television you have the choice to repose the packaging box: into a cat tunnel, bookshelf, desk shelf, storage box, tv console, magazine rack, cat house, smartphone or tablet stand, and pet stairs. Even though the packaging is recyclable, using it for another purpose avoids the long process.


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