AXA tackles sustainable procurement with The Climate School

The Climate School, AXA’s climate training product, has released a new course designed to tackle the challenges of sustainable sourcing and procurement

AXA has released a new course through its climate training product – The Climate School – which focuses on tackling the challenges of sustainable sourcing and procurement

The course, named “Sustainable Procurement,” was designed specifically for corporate buyers, to allow them to create actionable strategies and build sustainable relationships with suppliers.

Through the course, buyers will gain a deeper understanding of how they play a central role in supporting and reducing the impact their business has on the environment while improving its social responsibility efforts.

The course also aims to enhance buyers' understanding of environmental procurement, highlighting that it extends beyond price considerations, and new methodologies to help reevaluate and reshape the procurement procedure.

“By providing short, scientifically sound and actionable lessons, our new “Sustainable Procurement” course empowers corporate buyers to make unique and meaningful contributions to their organisation’s sustainability strategy,” says Celli Lloyd, UK Country Launcher, AXA Climate. 

“It is our hope that as more buyers and other procurement professionals come to view their role as an opportunity to transform their own company’s sourcing practices, it will have a ripple effect across entire supply chains.” 

Upskilling procurement professionals in sustainability

Scope 3 emissions account for between 80–90% of greenhouse-gas emissions, according to McKinsey. This means they occur indirectly across the value chain. Therefore, the climate crisis could be alleviated by upskilling procurement professionals in sustainability.

To tackle this, the course includes five-minute videos featuring practical guidance on:

  • How and why a buyer’s role is key to a sustainable transition
  • The future of sustainable procurement
  • Ways to establish a responsible procurement policy
  • How to be a more responsible purchaser, as well as how to buy less
  • Getting suppliers involved and creating a sustainable relationship 
AXA Climate School - Sustainable Procurement Course

    Additionally, the course highlights best practices for reducing Scope 3 emissions and reaching goals, while establishing a structure for examining issues related to biodiversity, resources, pollution, human rights, vigilance responsibilities, social dialogue and working conditions. Its key objective is to assist buyers in adopting a critical mindset at each stage of the supply chain.
    What’s more, the course includes a number of specialist consultants, including Anne-Claire Lescoffit from Air Liquide, Dennis Bakx from The HEINEKEN Company, Thomas Roemer from Covestro, and many more.


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