Supply Chain Sustainability Articles

Supply visibility shows clear and present dangers

Supply chain bosses really need crystal balls, but instead, they have the next best thing – supply chain visibility. Ryan Closser of FourKites explains wh

Rebecca Marmot, Chief Sustainability Officer at Unilever

Rebecca Marmot is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future by promoting eco-friendly practices and driving transformational change in priority


Sustainability LIVE London 2023: Meet the speakers

As Sustainability LIVE London is fast approaching, we’re proud to introduce the first three speakers who will be taking centre stage


The future of AI and IoT in sustainable smart cities

Can the data demands of AI and IoT be counterbalanced to create a net-positive sustainable impact and enhance the world’s future smart cities?

IHS Towers releases its 2022 Sustainability Report

IHS Towers' 2022 Sustainability Report showcases the company's commitment to its stakeholders and the progress it’s made throughout the year

Are recycled nappies the answer to sustainable construction?

Concrete made with cleaned and recycled has been found to be just as effective as conventional materials, providing an effective solution for nappy waste

50% of American companies exaggerate sustainability efforts

Google Cloud & Harris Poll shared that 59% of executives overstate how they approach sustainable messaging. Here’s how companies can improve their efforts

The journey from harvest to table: Cutting out food waste

Jean Pierre Azañedo, CEO and co-founder of CoreZero, share the importance of achieving a sustainable food value chain