Supply Chain Sustainability Articles

Ekoenergetyka’s Sustainable Bus Charging Vision for UK

Poland-based EV charging company Ekoenergetyka has many European cities covered: now it wants to get its stations set up across the UK

Drones, AI & Slimmer Vans: Sustainability the Amazon Way

On stage at MOVE 2024, Amazon’s Marina Lussich told how delivery drones, AI-guided packaging and slimmer Rivian vans are helping it towards net zero


SAVE THE DATE – Sustainability LIVE Malta 2024

SAVE THE DATE! Sustainability LIVE is heading to Malta on October 17 2024, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre

Why Salesforce has Joined US$1bn Carbon Removal Scheme

Tech giant Salesforce is the latest big recruit to Frontier, an advance market commitment by Meta, McKinsey and others to buy US$1bn of carbon removal

Bayer & ADM: Cutting Carbon Emissions on Europe's Farms

AgriTech giant Bayer and food company ADM have extended a deal to drive regenerative agriculture by working with European farmers to cut carbon emissions

Your Guide to the Latest Anti-Greenwashing Regulations

Global regulations preventing greenwashing include the FCA’s newly enforced anti greenwashing rule & The European Commission’s Green Claims Directive

Gap, H&M, BESTSELLER, Mango: Uniting for Sustainable Fashion

Gap, H&M, BESTSELLER, DBS Bank and Mango are joining forces to launch Future Supplier Initiative, a financial model to decarbonise the fashion sector

General Motors Drives Sustainability Across Supply Chain

GM's supply chain sustainability efforts span logistics, packaging and supplier engagement- targeting ambitious emissions reductions and ethical standards