Virtual attendees prepare for Sustainability LIVE New York

The clock is ticking for virtual attendees to sign up to Sustainability LIVE New York and discover more circular economy, supply chain, and DEI insights

Working in the digital realm is the biggest trend and challenge of our time. It allows many of our featured leaders, executives, and experts to come together and work collaboratively in the online world.  

This has been the catalyst for our next instalment of Sustainability LIVE as we take a virtual trip to discover how things are evolving in industries across the United States. 

Sustainability LIVE New York sees a lineup of speakers from the critical industries affecting our planet as well as experts who can shed light on some of the challenges faced by corporations, and the actions they can take.  

Join us from the states are executives from popular names of in the eyes of commerce and the consumer, covering topics ranging from sustainable supply chain and logistics, to climate misinformation and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

Tackling climate misinformation through platform policy 

Joining the live stream from Pinterest, its Head of Policy Sarah Bromma is here to discuss the detrimental effects resulting from misinformation of climate impact. Bromma believes in safety and responsibility, and is committed to Pinterest’s strategy for trustworthy information. 

She will explain how a global platform like Pinterest can, and does, combat false, harmful, or misleading content creation and the role of policy in achieving an all-round more responsible approach to Pinterest. 

Supply chain sustainability at UPS 

Pulling out all the stops to understand UPS’s responsible approach to the delivery business, Laura Lane, EVP & Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer will delve into the organisation’s strategy for responsible logistics. 

After hearing from Lane, the audience will have a greater understanding of the UPS footprint and the targets it has in place to meet the needs of the planet. 

The social response to climate adaptation

The social impacts of climate change are what add a new layer of importance to global environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Ultimately, without a healthy planet, there are no people, which is recognised by some of the leading forces in sustainability. 

Hearing from…

…we find out what the impacts are on people, focusing on the economy in which they work. Social sustainability is a critical component of wider global prosperity and is impacted by engaging the public in doing the right thing. 

From a commercial perspective, the risks abound mean they cannot be avoided, which is why organisations must promote their efforts and include their stakeholders in the conversation. 

To understand how the sustainability message echoes through generations, our guest from the racing world, 17-year-old electric race driver from Ellysium Racing Ellis Spiezia will also talk about these points in the ‘Net Zero & Climate Change’ panel discussion. 

When he’s not advocating the importance of sustainable motoring and the triumph of electric racing on social media, he’s on the track—racing to become the first electric-native driver to reach world championship level.

A deep dive into the circular economy as a commercial imperative 

Throughout the day, we will also host some speakers touching on the critical concept of a circular economy.

All sectors have a role to play to ensure they eliminate emissions from the top end to the bottom of their supply chains. This topic couldn't be better explained than by discussing the impending targets for the automotive industry. 

Touching on this is Kristen Siemen, Vice President, Sustainable Workplaces & Chief Sustainability Officer for an organisation at the forefront of electrification—General Motors. Also, returning to the Sustainability LIVE stage is Adam Mullerweiss, Chief Sustainability Officer, Clarios, who has already provided our audience with great insight into the topic of circularity. 

We couldn’t possibly divulge the entire lineup for, what is turning out to be, an exciting Sustainability LIVE New York event. 

So, to find out more, head over to the website to sign up for the fully virtual conference that covers all elements of disruption from sustainability. Take place on the 19th April, we’re excited to share with you some of our exciting contributors and speakers from Sustainability Magazine.


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