Neste: A Successful Week for Sustainable Alternative Fuels

Neste’s has been successful in gaining sustainable diesel certification and applied its sustainable aviation fuel to Swiss International Airlines

It has been a successful week for sustainable alternative fuels. The company researches and develops sustainable drop-in fuels for aviation and road transport, and this week it has accomplished both recognition and implementation of its products. 

A Positive Step For Sustainable Road Transport

The company has been successful in its development of the Neste MY Renewable Diesel product. Neste has become the first to receive the industry’s Top Tier Diesel Fuel certification - a standard endorsed by major engine manufacturers - for its performance and quality. Some of the companies to back the certification are General Motors, Volkswagen, Detroit Diesel, Navister Inc. and Ford Motor Company. 

According to Matt Leuck, Technical Manager of Renewable Road Transportation in North America at Neste, the certification “fully puts to rest the false view that using a low-carbon, sustainable fuel requires sacrificing performance.” Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel is available at over 1,400 delivery points across the United States - in California and Oregon, as well as the European countries, including Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Fuelling International Travel With Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Neste has previously put its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the test, applied it to aircraft with its partners at Heathrow Airport in the UK and pushed for government backing to make it accessible for the industry. As a result of this, Swiss International Air Lines has established an end-to-end logistics chain - in collaboration with its partners - to allow for imports of Neste MY SAF to Switzerland.

“We are very pleased to welcome SWISS to the ever-growing ranks of major airlines that are using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel,” says Jonathan Wood, Neste’s Vice President Europe, Renewable Aviation. “This first-ever delivery of SAF to Switzerland for commercial airline use is a major milestone for us at Neste.”

Thanks to new customs provisions, renewable aircraft fuel has been available for import and use in Switzerland since the 1st of July 2021. The first delivery of SAF will be sufficient for more than 175 short-haul flights, which will be used at Zurich Airport via a conventional hydrant system. 

The company’s road transport and air transport success will set a precedent for the wider use of sustainable fuel alternatives. Both these applications are stepping stones in the right direction to the decarbonisation of these crucial transport mechanisms, in line with the company’s efforts to meet net-zero emissions standards.


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