Oritain’s forensic approach to supply chain transparency

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A fireside chat at Sustainability LIVE London uncovers the unique forensics services that Oritain provides to unlock supply chain sustainability insights

We’re being completely honest when we say that everything in the global corporate environment links to sustainability. Somewhere, down the line, there is an intrinsic solution or benefit to addressing the climate demand, which also has a profound impact on the social aspects of business. 

At Sustainability LIVE London, we welcome a variety of experts with their hands firmly on the pulse of change, and many of them are wholly committed to reducing the impact of humanity’s reign on the environment. The supply chain industry is one to be addressed and has come into the spotlight over recent years. Sourcing must be done with full transparency and visibility of where components, materials and products come from, and the emissions they’ve contributed, in order to fully understand their impacts. 

Some of the hardest-to-trace products can now show their true impacts both environmentally and socially thanks to the work of Oritain—an organisation using forensic science to bring transparency of products like cotton, palm oil and coffee, which have been historically associated with social and climate effects. 

Confirm the origins of sustainable products with forensics

“Over the last decade or two, we’ve been building physical databases. [So, just to give you one statistic, we’ve been able to obtain physical samples of 95% of the world’s cotton],” says the company’s Global Head of Corporate Affairs Frederick Duffield

Discussing the company, but also some of the challenges that it has been able to overcome since trading in forensic science and data, Duffield joined Neil Perry, Head of Multimedia at BizClik, on stage at the conference to showcase what Oritain is all about. 

“We have a data-driven insights approach. What most of our clients will do is come to us. We don’t often go out and fix this,” Duffield explains. 

“They will come to us and say ‘we want you to help us truly understand our cotton supply chain’, which is highly complicated or diverse, ‘or our cotton; our coffee’.” 

As the third party organisation delivering supply chain transparency, Oritain holds the key to legally identifying the origins of certain products, which is a highly valuable claim to be made—not just to affirm the quality of an organisation’s goods, but to reassure consumers, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders that the company can trace everything back to the beginning. Of course, the aim for most suppliers is to understand exactly where all materials are sourced and gain visibility of their product lifecycle from ground to ground—the growth or extraction of materials to the waste management cycle. 


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