Tosca pioneers sustainable solutions for supply chain waste

The CIO of Tosca Ltd, Michael Weinberg delves into sustainability in the supply chain and how reusable products marry with technology to reduce waste

It only takes one simple idea to create a positive change in the supply chain. Simplicity is key to ensuring an equitable, profitable progression of sustainable solutions.  

Organisations may aim to improve upon their energy consumption, manage their assets to reduce the amount of time for product distribution, or reduce the emissions involved in getting the products to market. But, for Tosca Ltd, the main impact of the organisation is waste reduction—a challenge that shapes the company’s operations today. 

Looking back on supply chain operations to date, they have been rather unsustainable for many reasons, and the one that Tosca addresses is plastic. As a pooling system provider, as well as the designer and manufacturer of reusable plastic pallets and crates, the company is wholly committed to eliminating waste by contributing to the circular economy and developing products that last longer. 

The company quickly began to realise that its patented designs were pivotal in minimising waste across many aspects of the supply chain, such as reducing the number of pallets broken in transit, decreasing the number of trips required to transport pallets by creating them to be more compact, and designing transit crates that limit the number of damaged goods in transit. 



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