Mitie: Why Are Only 21% of Leaders Using Tech for Net Zero?

Mitie's 64,000 employees look after 2,500,000 assets
Mitie’s Head of Energy Services Catherine Wheatley explores how technology can support sustainability – despite only 21% of leaders using AI for net zero

Mitie suggests three crucial elements should be in every sustainability strategy:

“A single sustainability department cannot find all the answers alone,” says Mitie.

“Organisations need to collaborate across all areas of the business, as well as with external partners who bring the right expertise to accelerate their efforts.”

Founded in 1987, Mitie is the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company. The company’s 64,000 employees look after 2,500,000 assets for its large, diverse, blue-chip customer base, from banks and retailers, to hospitals, schools and critical government strategic assets.

With such a diverse portfolio, the company’s own sustainability strategy needs to be adaptable, data-driven and smart. 

So – how does it achieve this? 

Technology for decarbonisation

As AI, data and cloud software advance, technology is bringing the opportunity for businesses to reimagine how they approach their decarbonisation strategies. 

Mitie’s ‘Net Zero Navigator’ report surveyed 100 sustainability leaders but found that only a fifth (21%) of these leaders have implemented technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) into their net zero plan. 

“We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to the positive impact that technology could have on delivering decarbonisation and how we organise data from different sources could make all the difference,” says Catherine Wheatley, Mitie’s Head of Energy Services.

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According to recent research from Mitie, sustainability leaders are feeling the burden from the volume of reporting, but their sustainability strategies are taking the hit. Nearly three quarters (70%) of respondents said that the resource and time being spent on reporting are impacting their ability to act on their sustainability strategies and meet decarbonisation goals. 

“Not only do organisations need a better understanding of their carbon usage, but customers, investors and policymakers are also expecting more transparency and detail from carbon reporting,” Catherine explains.

Catherine Wheatley, Mitie’s Head of Energy Services

Mitie’s foundations in intelligent decision making

Cloud technology is key here – Catherine describes it as a “crucial aid” as it can give organisations the ability to connect data systems and collate Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions, waste and water management, and social and governance metrics all in one place. 

“Cloud-based reporting software, as included in Mitie’s new ‘Emissions Intelligence’ service, can therefore reduce time spent cutting and dicing data and make it far easier for organisations to identify their overall environmental impact and the most appropriate carbon emission cutting solutions for maximum impact.”

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Data is essential, but it needs to translate to action. Mitie believes that specialist renewable energy modelling can be a powerful tool to help organisations to find the right carbon reduction tactics to meet their specific needs and sustainability targets. 

“The data-led tool determines the environmental benefits and cost implications of different combinations of green solutions, like solar panels, heat pumps or EV chargers,” says Catherine. 

Intelligent decision-making is crucial for Mitie’s sustainability efforts which also play into the Scope 3 emissions of many partners, and technology can support that as well as solid forecasting for stakeholders from the finance to the facilities management team to create a sound business case alongside driving forward environmental action. 

Catherine concludes: “With the way buildings are used continually evolving and carbon reporting legislation becoming more stringent, for organisations acting in the wider interest of protecting the planet, embracing technology will be key to navigating challenges and continuing to accelerate towards net zero in coming years.”


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