Renewable Energy Articles

Is LEGO Group Right to Link Exec Bonuses to Sustainability?

From 2024 a percentage of LEGO Group’s performance management programme for bonuses will be tied to sustainability measures including annual emissions

How has Unilever Updated its Climate Transition Action Plan?

Weeks after controversy about scaled-back targets, Unilever has revealed its updated – and ‘unashamedly realistic’ – Climate Transition Action Plan

Microsoft’s New Strategy to Cut Soaring Scope 3 Emissions

CSO Melanie Nakagawa says new data centres are behind Microsoft’s 30.9% rise in Scope 3 emissions, revealed in its 2024 Environmental Sustainability Report

How Heathrow Benefits from Emirates & Shell's SAF Deal

In the largest SAF agreement ever for Emirates, Shell Aviation is supporting the airline working to decarbonise aviation at Heathrow Airport

Why Levi Strauss has Toughened its Sustainability Targets

Levi Strauss & Co has gained SBTi validation for its net zero targets, including for its tougher supply chain and Scope 3 goals and new emissions measures

Covation Bio PDO Exec Joins Sustainability LIVE New York

Jessica Gallagher, Susterra® Marketing Manager (Americas) at Covation Bio PDO to speak at Sustainability LIVE New York

City of Phoenix CSO joins Sustainability LIVE New York

Mark Hartman, CSO of the City of Phoenix, set to speak at Sustainability LIVE New York on 3 and 4 June 2024

McLaren Racing: How Spending Rules Slow Sustainability in F1

McLaren Racing’s 3rd Sustainability Report calls for a costs cap rethink in F1 and Formula E to help teams invest in carbon reduction and ESG