QTS: The Future of Sustainable Data Centres

Travis Wright, Vice President of Energy and Sustainability at QTS, discusses how data centres impact the planet while showcasing QTS’ pioneering programmes

QTS Data Centers – a leading provider of enterprise, hyperscale, and US government data centre solutions – is a pioneering business putting ESG and sustainability at the heart of everything it does. 

Travis Wright,QTS Vice President of Energy and Sustainability at QTS, has been leading the company’s sustainability initiatives since 2018, advocating a greater focus to be placed on carbon-free energy, while leading QTS’ philanthropic ventures to give back to the planet. 

Wright, a mechanical engineer, studied at Marquette University, Milwaukee, before starting his career in the iron and steel industries, before moving to high tech.

Wright’s passion for energy and sustainability came after seeing the impact data centres can have on the world, and, in 2018, he became heavily involved in QTS’ sustainability programme. 

Wright reflects on how data centres can be used as a force for good while reflecting on QTS’ ESG initiatives that set the company apart from others.


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