Vodafone Connected Mobility Creates Safer Road Networks

David Brown, Head of Connected Mobility Product Portfolio at Vodafone Automotive, enlightens us on the topic of connected mobility to improve road safety

Wholly committed to life in the telecommunications industry, David Brown, Head of Connected Mobility, Product Portfolio at Vodafone Automotive, embarked on his career fresh out of Aston University – where he succeeded in managerial and administrative studies.

Equipped and ready to work in management, he joined BT’s Graduate Scheme and worked his way up to Global Services, getting involved in work supporting the London 2012 Olympic Games. Brown then made the move to Vodafone in the days of Blackberry’s popular qwerty keyboards and Vodafone leading in mobile services – which it continues to do to this day. 

In his 12 years at Vodafone, Brown ticked all the boxes of a connectivity expert, fulfilling roles in mobile coverage, product management for usage-based insurance technologies, telematics customer programme management, and is now leading the way in supporting a new era of mobility through Vodafone Automotive and its connected car solutions.

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