ESG Articles

ESG: the risks of digitisation & the downside of shortcuts

Charles Radclyffe, EthicsGrade CEO, asks what external factors are needed alongside financial reports & projections to better model future ESG performance

Logicalis: Sustainability and ESG for digital businesses

Charissa Jaganath, Head of Responsible Business at Logicalis, discusses sustainability for digital businesses — prioritising accountability and reporting

Data management: The key to successful ESG reporting

Data collection & management capabilities are essential to transparent ESG reporting says Levent Ergin, Chief ESG Sustainability Strategist, Informatica

Cellnex: ESG in the telecoms industry

Success of a business is directly tied to successful ESG strategy, says Claire Cranton, Cellnex Head of ESG, who provides insight into ESG for telecoms

Baringa shows ESG prioritisation leads to corporate success

We should embrace ESG as it’s pro-business says Anya Davis, Baringa, that reports 61% of consumers haven’t bought from unkind vendors in the past two years

Using data to create sustainable cities of tomorrow

Jason Mann, Vice President of IoT at SAS discusses how data is revolutionising cities across the globe by enforcing traffic management to reduce emissions

Moody’s shares financial threat of wildlife trafficking

Moody's Analytics has highlighted the financial risks posed by wildlife trafficking in a recent whitepaper, emphasising the urgent need for action

NTT: Social sustainability boosts revenue by ~$710m

A new report from NTT and ThoughtLab found that businesses that prioritise social sustainability are rewarded with increased revenue and productivity