Net Zero Articles

San Fransisco airport gains WELL Core certification

The certification comes after improvements were made to the building intended to improve user experience while increasing its sustainability capacity

Biggest US steelmaker enters partnership for green steel

Nucor Corporation, the largest steel producer, will work with Electra, a company which has developed an emission-free Low-Temperature Iron method

COP15: a quick breakdown of everything you need to know

This year's biodiversity COP, held in Montreal after two year's of pandemic delays, comes in the context of missed targets and deteriorating natural world

Formula 1 releases annual sustainability progress report

Progress was made on guidelines originally set forth in 2019, including on matters to do with reducing carbon footprint and increasing female participation

Accenture and Planet Labs partner for satellite monitoring

For the consultancy firm, satellite imaging will increase accuracy in operations, most notably in assessing climate risk as well as supply chain monitoring

Hydrogen boilers heat homes in first-ever pilot programme

The move, unveiled in the eastern Dutch town of Lochem, is an initiative by BDR Thermea and grid operator Alliander and will go on for three years

Vaayu and Klarna enable consumers to watch carbon footprint

The climate technology and financial services company will introduce tools that allow the consumer to follow the environmental lifecycle of their purchases

France gets permission from EC to ban short haul flights

The move, which had been challenged by the airline industry, will see flights become illegal if there is a connecting train of under two-and-a-half hours