Deloitte: accelerate clients’ sustainability transformation

Deloitte group made $1bn investment in its Sustainability & Climate global practice to accelerate clients’ sustainability transformation

The leading consultancy firm Deloitte recently announced a $1bn investment in its Sustainability & Climate global practice to further enhance the firm’s capabilities in accelerating its clients’ organisations and value chain sustainability transformations.

“We are helping them think through how they establish their agenda, their strategy around achieving net-zero, and then obviously industrialising that capability,” says Sudeep Singh, Principal at Deloitte.

“We are completely rethinking how we've historically run our transformation programmes or our risk engagements or our advisory engagements where we are now embedding sustainability into everything we do,” says Singh. “Deloitte, as an organisation, is committed to making sustainability stick. “

 “Increasingly our clients are being charged with evermore statutory requirements in terms of compliance and control of the data that they're providing to the marketplace,” says Alec Kasuya, Partner at Deloitte. Building solutions is becoming more important as more companies are starting to transform their ways, driven by consumer demands and compliance in the last 12-18 months.

“I think the notion that we should be striving towards a sustainable enterprise is very much very much a given,” says Kasuya. “I think people are naturally gravitating that way, not out of his sense of fear or accountability, but more of opportunity and potential.”



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