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The Research and Advisory Business Forrester Shared Insights at Sustainability LIVE London as Ash Mukherjee Speak About the Green Market  Revolution

The keynote at Sustainability LIVE London 2023 presented by Ash Mukherjee, Solutions Partner at Forrester, offered a thought-provoking and comprehensive overview of the critical issue of sustainability in the business context. The presentation, titled "Green Market Revolution", emphasised the urgency and complexity of integrating sustainability into business models.

Mukherjee began his session by setting the tone for the discussion, aiming to empower the audience with the tools to understand and apply the concepts discussed in the session. The use of the Greek legend of Cassandra served as an effective metaphor for the challenges in predicting and convincing others about future trends, a dilemma that Forrester, as a research and advisory firm, navigates in its work.

A personal anecdote about Mukherjee’s expedition to Antarctica added a human element to the presentation, linking the abstract concept of sustainability to real-world experiences and observations. This approach underscored the immediate impact of climate change, making it relatable and urgent.

The keynote then delved into the challenges of achieving sustainability goals, particularly the limitations in space and pace for renewable energy development like solar farms and wind energy. This point highlighted the gap between current efforts and the ambitious target of net zero by 2050, framing the discussion in a realistic yet challenging context.

A significant portion of the talk focused on the "Green Market Revolution," proposing a shift in perspective where environmental sustainability is seen not just as an ethical responsibility but as a business opportunity. This pragmatic approach aligns profitability and growth with sustainability, potentially appealing to a broader range of business stakeholders.

The presentation was rich in data and forward-looking insights, covering various aspects like regulatory changes, financial incentives, and the impact of current geopolitical events like the Russian War on Ukraine. The mention of a massive investment in fighting climate change and the implications of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) underscored the tangible, immediate actions businesses need to take.

Mukherjee also touched on potential challenges, such as increased coal usage, battery costs, and the politicisation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. These points were crucial in presenting a balanced view of the sustainability landscape, acknowledging the hurdles alongside the opportunities.


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