Exclusive Sustainability Video: Jennifer Motles, PMI

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Jennifer Motles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Philip Morris International, Featured in a Fireside Chat on stage at Sustainability LIVE London 2023

At Sustainability LIVE London 2023, Scott Birch, CCO of BizClik hosted an interesting dialogue with Jennifer Motles, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Philip Morris International (PMI). This marked a significant moment in the corporate sustainability discourse, shedding light on the unique challenges and transformational strategies of a company traditionally known for its tobacco products.

At the heart of the discussion was PMI's bold transition away from cigarette production, a cornerstone of its sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts. This pivot is not only a substantial shift in business strategy but also a crucial element in addressing the company's environmental and social impacts. Motles eloquently articulated the necessity of this transformation, underscoring the incompatibility of tobacco production with genuine sustainability goals.

A notable aspect of the chat was the emphasis on transparency and accountability in corporate sustainability practices. Motles highlighted the importance of materiality in sustainability reporting, a principle that dictates focusing on issues that have the most significant impact. This approach aligns with the current trend towards more robust and honest corporate sustainability reporting, eschewing superficial or misleading "greenwashing" practices.

Motles also discussed PMI's integrated reporting mechanism, which includes both standard ESG disclosures and bespoke KPIs to track its business transformation. These metrics provide a clear view of the company's progress in moving away from tobacco production, encompassing diverse areas such as R&D spending, supply chain changes, and environmental impact mitigation.

The conversation further delved into the challenges PMI faces, particularly in addressing Scope 3 emissions and integrating biodiversity considerations into its sustainability strategy. Motles’ insights into the complexities of implementing comprehensive sustainability measures in a large corporation were illuminating, highlighting the interplay between corporate action, technological innovation, and policy development.

In summary, the fireside chat offered a rare glimpse into the sustainability journey of a company traditionally viewed as an unlikely candidate for environmental and social responsibility. Motles' candid and detailed exposition of PMI's strategies, challenges, and commitments provided valuable lessons for businesses striving to align their operations with sustainable and responsible practices.


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