Exclusive Sustainability Video: The ESG Forum

Courtney Holm, Carmel Giblin, Phil Halanen, and Aline Gómez-Acebo Finat feature in the ESG Forum—holistic discussions of environment, social and governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) encompasses all important areas of responsibility for businesses. While many of them understand the impacts they have on the world, they have very little knowledge of strategising with ESG in mind. 

This is where the role of a chief sustainability officer (CSO) comes into play and four of them joined the show, Sustainability LIVE London, to discuss all aspects of this umbrella topic. The speaker on the ESG Forum addressed the key points raised by each other, and the event host Scott Birch, CCO of BizClik.

Sustainability LIVE London | Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent

What are the key drivers of ESG integration in corporate strategies? 

Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent, says: “What I see happening within organisations is that ESG becomes an afterthought. It becomes something that's a little bit separate, not embedded into strategies, and then by consequence it has a separate budget so it doesn't receive the same budgeting requirements as other key parts of the strategy that focus more on exponential growth.” 

Sustainability LIVE London | Carmel Giblin, CEO & President of the Ethical Toy Program

Carmel Giblin, CEO & President of the Ethical Toy Program, says: “I do think it's becoming a bit more central to general corporate strategy and decision-making. That's a really positive thing. It's driven, I think historically ESG was driven by stakeholder expectations that were predominantly maybe influenced by consumers and we know that consumers may say one thing but may act in a different way.”

Sustainability LIVE London | Phil Halanen, Head of Sourcing & Sustainability at Wyndham Hotels

Phil Halanen, Head of Sourcing & Sustainability at Wyndham Hotels, says: “In my prep, just before coming on stage, looking at our oWN ESG report and we were looking at all of who our stakeholders were and five years ago I would've said there were probably two stakeholders. It would've been our customers and perhaps our investors. There's now seven stakeholders. It's your employees, it's your suppliers, it's your investors, it's obviously a franchisee, it's your end guest. It's all of these people together.”

Sustainability LIVE London | Aline Gómez-Acebo Finat, Chief Sustainability Officer at ASISA

Aline Gómez-Acebo Finat, Chief Sustainability Officer at ASISA, says: “I just started this position one year ago, but when I started I had already talked with so many CSOs in other companies and some of them competitors from the company I worked for, and they always had the problem that they weren't taken seriously. So chief sustainability officer was something that companies wanted to have because it looked good, but then they would be pushed apart. So when they offered me to become one, I was like, no, I don't want to take it because I mean I just don't want to have the role.”


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