NTT: Constructing data centers and developing people

Brittany Miller, SVP of Construction at NTT Global Data Centers, shares insights into building data centers and developing people in a hyperconnected world

Brittany Miller is Senior VP of Construction, Engineering, and Supply Chain at NTT Global Data Centers. NTT, a technology giant with 150+ years of experience, focuses on cost-efficient data centre development. Miller shares valuable insights on building scalable and cost-effective centres.

NTT prioritises standardisation for success. By aligning customer requirements and replicating designs, they enhance predictability, cost control, and scalability. Effective risk management and strategic planning are essential for achieving cost efficiency.

Miller's leadership has quadrupled NTT's delivery organisation, expanding into new markets, solidifying their position in the Americas. Strategic partnerships with Fibre Bond, Silent-Aire, and Cummins ensure collaboration and reliable supply chain management.

At NTT, having the right people is crucial. Miller emphasises building strong teams, fostering positive relationships and providing support. A culture of innovation, transparency and continuous improvement boosts morale and retains talent.

NTT is planning significant building projects and evolving designs based on industry developments. AI's impact may require denser centres and alternative cooling methods. Power availability in regions like the middle of the United States becomes a target market.

NTT's commitment to cost efficiency, standardisation, scalability and collaboration positions them as industry leaders. Embrace diversity, challenge norms and invest in people to unlock growth opportunities in construction.

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