Ericsson: Driving Sustainability Together With T-Mobile

We speak to David Hammarwall, Head of Customer Unit for T-Mobile at Ericsson, on ways Ericsson and T-Mobile are driving sustainability standards forward

David Hammarwall is Head of Customer Unit for T-Mobile at Ericsson, where he leads customer account management and the strategic partnership with the telco provider. 

Hammarwall’s significant technical experience in product management within Ericsson’s Networks products positions him to lead strategic engagements to support T-Mobile in achieving its network energy efficiency targets and sustainability goals. 

Ericsson: Driving sustainability with T-Mobile

Now in his client-facing position with T-Mobile, there is one key goal Hammarwall is striving to achieve with Ericsson’s telecom partner – achieving greater sustainability and Net Zero operations. 

“We have a very aggressive agenda and targets for sustainability,” he notes. “We aim to reach Net Zero across our entire value chain by 2040, and we’re backing that up with a solid roadmap to get there.”

Ericsson has intermediate targets too. By 2030, Ericsson aims to reduce its supply chain footprint by 50% and reach Net Zero in its own company operations.

The task for Hammarwall and his team has been to align these Net Zero ambitions with its partner T-Mobile. 

“We’re very fortunate that T-Mobile wants to be pioneers in driving the sustainability agenda too,” he adds. “T-Mobile has set very aggressive Net Zero initiatives themselves.”

On the path to sustainability with 5G networks 

Of course, shifting to 5G networks has proved to be an effective move towards sustainability in itself. 

As Hammarwall notes: “It’s about 10 times more efficient to run a 5G network than it is to run a 4G network for delivering data.

Aggressively deploying a 5G network is one of the best things you can do to reduce your data delivery carbon footprint. We're now setting forth a very aggressive energy efficiency target for our products too.”


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