Exclusive Sustainability Video: Peter Bragg, Canon EMEA

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Representing Canon at Sustainability LIVE London last year, Peter Bragg shares the components of its strategy to improve design and manage e-waste

Peter Bragg, EMEA Sustainability and Government Affairs Director at Canon, delivered a keynote that focuses primarily on Canon's journey towards becoming a circular electronics business. His presentation covered Canon's vision, the urgency of adopting circular economy principles, and the concrete steps the company is taking to reduce its environmental footprint.

Bragg emphasised Canon's commitment to transforming its operations and product lifecycle to minimise environmental impact—a move underscored by astonishing statistics, such as the average 54 million metric tonnes of e-waste with 83% avoiding necessary recycling processes. He also shared Canon's environmental goals for 2030, including a cumulative 50% reduction in CO2 emissions per product, based on a 2008 baseline, and targets for reducing Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

A key point of the talk was the introduction of Canon's "unfinished circle" concept, symbolising the company's ongoing efforts to integrate circular economy into its business model. This vision includes making products more recyclable and reusable, reducing single-use plastics, and engaging in innovative manufacturing processes.

Circular economy minimises Canon's e-waste 

Bragg provided examples of Canon's initiatives, such as the industry-first toner cartridge recycling programme, which began in 1990, and the remanufacturing of devices to meet strict reuse standards. He highlighted Canon's focus on remanufacture, repair, and recycling as core components of its strategy, including the use of innovative technologies like spectroscopy for sorting plastics.

Canon's dedicated facilities, such as the Geen factory in Germany, play a crucial role in the remanufacturing and recycling processes, contributing significantly to the reduction of plastic waste. Bragg pointed out the challenge of scaling up these initiatives to meet the growing demand for remanufactured devices, emphasising the need for efficient collection and processing systems.

Collaboration with customers and the industry is vital for advancing Canon's circular economy goals. Bragg discussed new business models, like "Print-as-a-Service," that allow Canon to optimise the lifecycle of devices and encourage the return of products for recycling or refurbishment.

Bragg's presentation clearly articulated Canon's ambitious approach to sustainability, integrating circular economy principles into every aspect of their operations. It highlighted the company's achievements, ongoing efforts, and the challenges they face in striving for a more sustainable and circular future. His message was a call to action for collaboration and innovation, acknowledging that while the journey towards sustainability is ongoing, Canon is committed to playing a leading role in this global effort.


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