Kohler delivers power solutions to keep data centres on

Lenaik Andrieux, GM EMEA & India of Power Systems at Kohler, explains why its production increase is paramount for enabling reliable energy for data centre

In a digital age where continuous power is non-negotiable, Kohler emerges as a beacon of reliable energy solutions for various sectors, from healthcare to the rapidly expanding data centre market.

Kohler's diverse portfolio ranges from kitchen and bath businesses to entertainment and golf. Yet, its heart lies in the power industry, offering engines, generators, switch gears, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) globally. Lenaik Andrieux, GM EMEA & India, emphasises, "Power systems is really almost an energy insurance business. We are here to make sure that your line never goes off." This dedication has led to a 30% production capacity increase, especially targeting the data centre sector.

Beyond generators, Kohler's switchgear segment stands out. As Andrieux explains, "Switch gears distribute energy effectively, ensuring it reaches the right spot in your process or organisation." Kohler's commitment goes beyond products; they deliver total power solutions, a comprehensive approach covering design, execution, and long-term support.

Sustainability is integral to Kohler. The company has slashed its carbon footprint by 60% using renewable fuels like Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). Innovative programs like Conscious Care™ (TM symbol at bottom) further demonstrate their eco-focus, aiming to reduce the operational maintenance activity hours of large power plants, hence the environmental impact.

When questioned about challenges transitioning to HVO, Andrieux reassures, "It's easy to substitute with the same parameters as GNR. As demand grows, supply will match." Andrieux foresees Kohler making significant strides in the data centre realm. "We have a strong brand and take direct ownership of projects with our customers from start to finish," he states.

A cornerstone of Kohler's success in the sustainability space is its many partnerships with companies and organizations that align with their vision. They value collaboration with other entities when it is firmly rooted in trust as well as technical expertise.

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