Exclusive Sustainability Video: Jeanne Martin, ShareAction

Jeanne Martin, Head of Banking Programme, represents her organisation ShareAction at Sustainability LIVE London, Discussing Responsible Investments

Investment is one of the main topics of conversation at the most, which aligns with sustainability among corporations looking to make a difference. However, much of the corporate landscape is still unaccounted for and the only way to get them on board is to nudge them in the right direction.  

ShareAction is a UK-based organisation that is strategically focused on promoting responsible investment in light of climate change pressures. The team is known for environmental, social and governance (ESG) advocacy, which is critical for influencing the today’s largest businesses to take action and reduce their physical imprints on the world. 

At Sustainability LIVE London 2023, Neil Perry, Head of Multimedia at BizClik, welcomed Jeanne Martin to the stage who is the Head of Banking Programme for ShareAction, and shared some important points for companies to consider in today’s business environment. 

Highlights: ShareAction’s Sustainability LIVE Keynote on Responsible Investments 

Here are some of the key highlights from Martin’s keynote, which touch upon various factors of corporate climate impact. 

Role of financial institutions: "Ambitious climate goals only happen if they are adequately funded... financial institutions... have a key role to play."

Current Status and Improvements: "No mainstream European bank had committed to net zero by 2050. Now, all of Europe's largest 25 banks have made such a commitment."

Challenges and loopholes: "Commitments... are nowhere near enough to avert the climate crisis... often include important loopholes that allow banks to continue financing activities that go counter to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement."

Financial influence on climate change: "Financial institutions can influence the climate by spending their money on climate-friendly activities... and refusing to give money to polluting activities."

Good stewardship as a solution: "Good stewardship can be a way to achieve [change]... Financial institutions can use their influence to encourage these companies to make climate-conscious decisions."

Political advocacy for climate change: "Financial institutions... should use [their political clout] to ensure that governments introduce legislation that accelerates the transition to a socially and climate-friendly world."

Consumer and citizen power: "The links between your personal finance and the climate emergency... the money that you have in your bank account, your pension, and your personal investments can have a significant impact on the environment."

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