AB InBev's procurement develops Africa's growing beer sector

Jacques Els, Procurement & Sustainability Director: BU Southeast Africa, discusses AB InBev’s sustainable delivery of Africa’s developing supply chain

To understand the important role of procurement in operations at AB InBev, we look to the Southeastern region of Africa, where the company boasts a great influence on Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and other countries through quality procurement processes as the company looks to localise its sourcing. 

With breweries in 11 countries on the African continent and a number of local agricultural programmes across half of them, the company is very much driven towards localisation to provide products to the African market. While providing more opportunities to the local farmers in this area, procurement has a role to play in developing the business for the modern industry. 

“Procurement within AB InBev has evolved immensely,” says Jacques Els, Procurement & Sustainability Director: BU Southeast Africa. “As the company has modernised, procurement started to evolve within the business purely because of the value procurement can generate for the bottom line. 

“We know industries, specifically in Africa, are struggling. Economies are not growing to the level we would like them to, and therefore the bottom line becomes more and more critical.”

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